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May 10, 2018

Si Woo Kim

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. 5-under today. How satisfying was that round?
SI WOO KIM: I played great. The first three holes I played and my confidence was really up and everything was going good, I think, and then the last three holes I missed it a little. But I know that miss, and I'm going to fix it better for tomorrow.

Q. Were you surprised by the scores today?
SI WOO KIM: Yeah, I liked the score in the first round, but I can hit it better, but I'm fine, good.

Q. Course conditions good?
SI WOO KIM: Course is always good here. I think it's tomorrow and then in the weekend maybe greens will be more firm and faster. I think the weekend is more important.

Q. Talk about the importance of what it would mean to you to win here again? Does it feel good to play golf here and not have to think so much?
SI WOO KIM: Yeah, today on the back nine it was a little bit of thinking too much. And I'm going to just keep playing tomorrow.

Q. What would it mean to you if you were the first player to go back-to-back here?
SI WOO KIM: That's really, I feel like it would be dreaming, but that's too hard. This is just the first round. I'm going to keep working hard.

Q. What went wrong on 7 and 8 there towards the end giving a few shots back?
SI WOO KIM: The tee shots were really good, but my swing's a little bit wrong and I need to fix it. But I know that miss, I can fix that tomorrow.

Q. Overall, do you feel like you put yourself in good position to be a contender?
SI WOO KIM: Yeah, I like this position and I feel really good too.

Q. How important is it to remain within striking distance at this tournament, because there are very few wire-to-wire champions, so how important is it to remain a couple shots off the pace and within striking distance of the leaders after day one?
SI WOO KIM: I think every tournament's first round is important because if you're too far back that's tough going into the weekend. But I think that today was a really good round, so, but tomorrow is more important -- every day is getting more important.

Q. What was working on the back nine? You played the first nine in 4-under. What was working?
SI WOO KIM: I was not thinking just like I did in practice the last two weeks, that went really good and I thought just do that.

Q. Will you get a good amount of sleep tonight?


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