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May 10, 2018

Alex Noren

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Talk about your round and clean card you had.
ALEX NOREN: I came off a great start, three birdies, first three holes, and I was a little tense this morning, I haven't had the best two starts prior to this, the last two weeks, and so I just wanted to come off a good start and it made me relax a bit and just try to keep the ball in play, maybe stay short of the hole, putt uphill, and then take the birdies when they come instead of kind of pushing too hard for the birdies.

Q. Given the weather the way it was were you surprised that you were able to rein it in on not be aggressive?
ALEX NOREN: Well, there's some pins that are so tight to the back edges and it's just too tough to get close -- even with the greens being a little softer it's still, you go to the hit unbelievable shots to get close to those pins. If you put it maybe middle of the greens sometimes, then you got times where you could be aggressive. You got shorter pins, maybe some wedges on the par-5s there. So I just -- the game hasn't been perfect the last month so I was just trying to play my way into the tournament.

Q. You were saying yesterday about some results that you weren't so happy with. Getting a start like this, how important is that?
ALEX NOREN: Well it's important. I worked like the last, right after Wells Fargo last week, I worked hard to try to get a little bit more comfortable over the ball and it worked. I didn't hit all good shots today, maybe, but kept it in play and you know where your misses are, it's a lot easier around here.

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