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May 10, 2018

Adam Scott

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Talk about your round.
ADAM SCOTT: Well it was a good start and kind of a slow middle and a good finish. But it was really there for the taking this morning, as you can see, the scoring's pretty solid from everyone, so I think I kind of held my ground today and there was good signs, I putted very nicely, which is nice, but could tighten up a few things here and there because you get out of position here it's tough, you really have to be quite precise from tee to green. So if I can just get 18 holes of good swinging, I think I'm in for a good run at the weekend.

Q. How much was the par putt on 13 and the holed bunker shot bunker save that kept the momentum going?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, yeah, it's big, they're like birdies almost -- one was a birdie, but just not to make a bogey after a good start and kind of keep the momentum going, at least for a few holes, that was important, because it's just so easy to drop a shot. Hit a bad tee shot off 18, which is, we all seem to do at some time, and you make a bogey and you end up being in a difficult position. So there was a lot of stuff going my way today which felt nice.

Q. How do you think Si Woo played today overall first tournament back after winning. A little bit of pressure maybe?
ADAM SCOTT: Well he played great. If you want to add some pressure in there, then he played really good. I think he's probably a bit like me, a little disappointed that he didn't finish a couple of shots better when he was at 7-under and he was probably thinking he should, could shoot 8- or 9- or 10-under -- I think he was 7-under through 11 maybe, so I think he's doing a very fine job of defending his title so far.

Q. Did you play with D.J. yesterday?

Q. What did you teach him?
ADAM SCOTT: What did I teach him? Definitely didn't teach him anything at all. Why?

Q. Did you guys talk AimPoint at all?
ADAM SCOTT: Oh, yeah. Did he use it today?

Q. Yeah. So did Austin.
ADAM SCOTT: Oh, okay, quite a duo doing AimPoint out there. I just tried not to let them confuse me with AimPoint because I've been doing it good for quite a few years.

Q. How did that come up? Did that come up a few weeks ago or just yesterday or?
ADAM SCOTT: Just yesterday -- yeah, I had no idea and then I saw him doing it, so I stuck my nose in to see how they were doing it. Not that I was going to tell them if they were right or wrong, but I just wanted to see what they have come up with.

Q. You said you felt good with the putter last week, is today that coming to fruition and starting to find some form on the greens?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I had form on the greens last week. I was good, that was good putting for me. I mean, any time your strokes gained positive is two something, that's a good result and I think I must be something like that today. I made a couple long putts that felt good, I made most of the short ones. So it's important I give myself as many opportunities as possible when you're putting good. That's why I would like to just those couple of squirrely drives that I missed a couple extra greens, where, you get two more chances here, a 69 might turn into 68 or 67.

Q. Does that almost validate the temporary switch to the longer putter? Does that feel like it's definitely has been a good decision?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, absolutely. I mean just to make life a little easier for you in any aspect. It doesn't matter whether it's on the greens or you got to do something else driving the ball or to make the game what you feel is easier is definitely something you need to do, especially when you've been struggling for any kind of momentum out there, which has been, for me, frustrating. So it's freeing some things up, hopefully I can keep rolling it good and like my bad shots today have ended up in 69 total, whereas it's been ending up at 72 and 73 other days.

Q. With looking back 10 years to Tiger's last major, you played at Torrey Pines with him. What do you recollect of those first couple of rounds?
ADAM SCOTT: Chaos. It was like a one of the most anticipated first couple of rounds of a tournament in my career, not just for me, but I think for everybody. I mean the hot story line of Tiger and Phil playing together the first time I think the USGA put 1, 2 and 3 in the world together -- and I think they put the top-15 together in groups, actually -- but it was more than a golf atmosphere, it was hard-core sports out there on that Thursday morning and obviously the story of Tiger's busted leg, I can't remember if we knew about that before or.

Q. Were you aware of that during his round?
ADAM SCOTT: Well I was -- I think we knew he was struggling, but it was hard to tell how much. Obviously not much. He won.

Q. How good was the golf that you saw those first two days?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it was a grind. He doubled the first hole both rounds. I mean it was a U.S. Open grind, but it was good in the sense of he made a score somehow on a really difficult course with a very sore leg, obviously, and maybe not his best golf. So it's just kind of vintage Tiger stuff. How did he win with one leg and his not even B game maybe.

Q. If somebody had told you when you walked out of that tournament in 2008 that he would not have won another major, how unthinkable do you think that would be?
ADAM SCOTT: It was pretty unthinkable at the time. Honestly, it really is. It was unbelievable he won that and of course he had a long break after that, but to think that that was going to be his last major for a decade was unfathomable, really.

Q. Seemed like people were talking about not 14 or 15 but 20 plus?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, 20 plus, for sure, it was looking that way, absolutely.

Q. (No Microphone.)
ADAM SCOTT: It's a good streak. I'm feeling pretty confident I can play my way into the U.S. Open over the next five weeks or so and obviously it would be a shame not to play, for a lot of reasons, but because I wouldn't get a chance to win it. But I feel my game is going to take shape and hopefully keep that streak going for another few years.

Q. Are you aware of the number?
ADAM SCOTT: Not really, no. I know it's been awhile.

Q. Would you try to sectional if you weren't in?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't know, I haven't thought because it depends whether I play every week until that or not. I mean at some point you can't play them all.

Q. You won here in March. What is your response to the move back to March?
ADAM SCOTT: I think it's good for the tournament overall, I honestly do. I know they moved it here to May 10 years ago, trying to, I don't know, strengthen the tournament, I guess was the idea, and I think it's done that. It certainly hasn't hurt the tournament. But I think it will really strengthen the tournament going back to the March date. It's going to just be the announcement of really serious golf for the year and for the TOUR, that's their event, and I think the course plays better under those conditions. I do. I think that's the way it was designed to be played. And whether it's firm or soft, it plays much better with that kind of over seed ryegrass, bent greens.

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