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May 10, 2018

Anirban Lahiri

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. 69 today, how pleasing was that?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: It was good. Especially given the way I started and kind of ran into some trouble towards the back of my front nine, 15 and 16, I fought pretty hard from that point. It was really nice to make birdie on 18. I think that kind of gave me the momentum. There were definitely birdies to be made if you hit fairways and I was more or less good off the tee, just a couple errant misses.

Q. Conditions seem a little bit tougher on the afternoon session?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Definitely. I think by the time we got out on the back nine it was swirling around a little bit and it doesn't have to be 15 miles an hour, if it's 10 miles, but if it's switching directions, it's enough to put you off. I think that's where it will be interesting to see the scoring in the afternoon on 14, 15, 16, it's probably not going to be as good as the front nine, because that's where it swirls the most. But all in all it wasn't too different.

Q. What was the biggest challenge today? Was it the wind as it started picking up?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Not really, I think it was just getting into position. It's going a long ways in the afternoon because it's dried out, so it's pretty tempting to try and lash out and hit it as far out as you can, but if you're not on the fairway you're not going to be able to control the ball. Luckily it wasn't as firm as I thought it might be. I was surprised, actually. Probably because they want the greens to survive until Sunday. So maybe that's why the scoring, I'm not sure how much different it is, but it wouldn't have been that much worse than the morning.

Q. If someone had said before the round that you get a 3-under today would that have been a good thing now that you saw all the birdies out there, are you feeling --
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: No, you're not going to win this tournament on Thursday. I'll take anything in the 60s. If you can stay in the 60s for four days you'll be fine. I think the course will get tougher on the weekend, but I'm looking forward to going out in the morning, I'm pretty sure that tomorrow morning when we go out it will definitely be a little easier than it was this afternoon. Probably slightly softer greens and lesser wind, so I look at tomorrow as an opportunity as well.

Q. Anything to work on tonight?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Nothing, really, I'm just going to go hit some putts, maybe hit a few drivers. I was not too happy with the way I drove it. So maybe just that.

Q. Tell us about the 18th, your feelings when you came off there?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Well I put a lot of work in the last three days, I changed my game plan, I'm trying to stick to that. I put a 2-iron in my bag instead of a 5-wood, which I've carried the last few years, so, yeah, I think I just stuck to my strategy and I executed it well.

Q. Does it become a little bit easier with the familiarity of knowing the course a little bit more?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Definitely. I think the more you play this golf course, the more you understand where not to miss it. I think it's one of those golf courses with are the pin positions kind of dictate your play. You get a lot of pins that get tucked and then it's not so much about hitting it six feet, it's more about hitting it 15 feet on the right side of the hole. Because if you miss it on the wrong side it's going to be hard to make, get out with a par. So I guess the more you play out here, the more you understand what to do in tournament conditions. You don't really know that when you play Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Q. (No Microphone.)
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Yeah, I think that it was definitely better. I'm going to go and hit some more putts, but I think I'm moving in the right direction. Finally getting more locked in on the speed. I think that's been my main issue is my speed putting has been a little off. As that gets better, I think you'll see more putts going in. So it was nice to make my 6-footers and to make the last putt whatever, 13, 15 feet. It's good to go back into the clubhouse having made some of those.

Q. (No Microphone.)
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: On which hole?

Q. The par-3. The second birdie on the back nine.
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Second birdie?

Q. The 6th, I think.
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Well, I birdied 3 but I holed my bunker shot and then I birdied 6, I hit it about four feet, 7-iron to about four feet.

Q. (No Microphone.)
ANIRBAN LAHIRI: Not that, no, it doesn't matter. I felt pretty good.

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