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May 10, 2018

Matt Kuchar

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. I think this ties your career low here. Can you sum up the day?
MATT KUCHAR: All right. I had a couple really good practice rounds, some good practice sessions. Felt great about the game and went out and played some very nice golf. Seemed like the back nine started getting tougher, the conditions, the wind picked up. However, I got off to a great start on the back. Birdied 10, eagled 11 and birdied 12 and continued the good play from there. To walk off an opening round here at 6-under par, I'm awfully pleased.

Q. I'm wondering if there's any pressure out here to go low on Thursday with pretty good scoring conditions, and if you look at the last five, six winners, they all scored pretty well in the sixties. Was there more pressure to score well today?
MATT KUCHAR: Every day counts the same. Certainly you don't do yourself any good by shooting 3-, 4-over par today, but this place, good steady golf certainly won't hurt you at all.

Q. How quickly did you forget last year's round here, your final round here last year?
MATT KUCHAR: Amazing the game of golf, how short your memory has to be. I tee it up the very next week and we all started even par. So it's something that I think is great about the game, and it's easy to move on. I remember having that really tough Ryder Cup experience in Chicago where we lost at Medinah, and I teed it up a couple weeks later, I can't remember my first tournament back, but it was kind of nice to move on. You had to talk about it a little bit after that, but you tee it up Thursday, you're even par, and what you did last week nobody really cares about anymore, it's all about what you're doing at the moment.

Q. How do you rate your comfort level here versus maybe some of the other courses?
MATT KUCHAR: I don't know that anybody's overly comfortable here. I think it's such a good golf course, such a good test of golf, good shots are rewarded, bad shots are punished. You see a wide variety in scores out here. You see guys shoot 6-under and you see guys shoot 6-, 8-over. It's just, it's a great, great test of golf.

Q. How do you take the momentum going forward for tomorrow?
MATT KUCHAR: I take what the golf course gives me and what I'm able to provide. Some days you have it, some days you're able to keep going, and some days par is a good score. I'm kind of one of those guys that takes it a shot at a time, just try to play a little game of chess and figure out what I've got each day to work with and how aggressive or how conservative I've got to be.

Q. Do you think it's possible to be a horse for this course?
MATT KUCHAR: I think this course is so unique, you look at the past champions and you've got the Tiger Woods and Davis Love and then Fred Funks of the game that win here. I think this course, if you're on your game, this course suits you, you've got a real shot at winning here. There's some places where you can kind of cherry-pick a handful of names and say these guys are going to be on top by week's end. This course is pretty wide open for who can win here.

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