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May 2, 2018

Lei Ye

Yachun Chang

Tarzana, California

Q. It was an exciting match, seesaw all the way. The last putt, just kind of describe what's going through your -- pretty challenging putt, downhill slider.
LEI YE: I knew I had to make that putt to continue the match. Honestly, I felt like I had a pretty good chance at it. I had been putting decent all week, and I think I gave a pretty good run at it, and it lipped out, so I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Q. Describe the match today. It was very tight all the way. Nobody really had a big lead until the second nine.
YACHUN CHANG: It's a final match.

LEI YE: Yeah, a lot of pressure. Just tried to do our best out there, but -- I don't know, it was hard to not think about anything.

Q. Was this the first time you guys were in a final match play type of match in a competition?
LEI YE: Yeah, first time for USGA for me, but I've been in other ones.

Q. What do you guys think you learned about your games this week?
YACHUN CHANG: Be patient. Just hard-working.

LEI YE: Yeah, definitely there's some parts that we could maybe fix up a little bit and be better under pressure.

Q. You guys were 2-up, I believe, after 14, and then I think they won a hole with a par, correct? What happened on 15?
LEI YE: We both just had a little wayward drives, came out a lot faster out of a bunker than we thought, and the returning putt just didn't quite make it.

Q. How about your overall thoughts on the week, not even how you guys played?
YACHUN CHANG: It was good.

LEI YE: I think we cooperated pretty good as partners.

YACHUN CHANG: We really did our best.

LEI YE: Yeah, for the most part.

YACHUN CHANG: And that's enough.

Q. Do you think you'll be back next year? Obviously you've got exemptions for three years to play in this, and it's in Florida?

Q. Depends on, I guess, college for you?
LEI YE: Depends on college for her.

Q. It'll probably be between the conference and the regionals again like this year?
LEI YE: Yeah, hopefully it'll work out for her, so if that's the case, we'll definitely come back.

Q. You're probably excited for college?

Q. What's your summer schedules like? Are you going to try to play in the Women's Open?
LEI YE: I'm just going to play a bunch of tournaments out here, mix of junior and amateur ones.

Q. Are you trying for the Women's Open, both of you?
YACHUN CHANG: Yes, on May 14th.

LEI YE: In Florida.

Q. Both of you, same spot?
LEI YE: Yes. We are going to be teammates over there.

Q. And then obviously the Girls' Junior and the Women's Am?
LEI YE: Yeah.

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