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May 1, 2018

Anthony Davis

Jrue Holiday

Rajon Rondo

Oakland, California: Game Two

Game 2

Warriors 121, Pelicans 116

Q. How tough is it coming out of this game feeling like you played the way you want to play and they end up making more plays than you in the fourth quarter and get that win?
ANTHONY DAVIS: It's tough. I thought they got off easy the first game, we took it away. We was in it the whole game. We were playing great defense. Two, three -- you know, had some separation but we got a lot of looks. We didn't get to the line as much as we wanted, but for the most part we did a good job.

Q. What makes Draymond so difficult to keep off the boards? Why is he, at a smaller size, obviously, why is he so effective as a rebounder?
ANTHONY DAVIS: He the only big on the team who plays. Somebody got to rebound.

Q. Zero free throw attempts for Anthony and Jrue tonight. Do you feel like you need to the get to the line more? Is that you're getting fouled and they are not calling it or do you guys need to attack harder?
ANTHONY DAVIS: We got to get to the line. I mean, we -- I don't think I shot that many jumpers tonight. I don't think Jrue shot that many. Both attacking the basket.

RAJON RONDO: 48, both of those guys shot the ball, combined 48 times. I think we were attacking just as they were, a couple, a lot, however you want to put it, didn't two our way, but that's not an excuse, like I said, we got the shots we wanted. Our guys were aggressive, and, you know, things will turn, hopefully for the better, in Game 3.

Q. For all three of you, Saturday night, you can almost maybe throw that one away, you didn't play very well; the Warriors did. Tonight, for three and a half quarters, maybe the whole game, for the most part you played well and you still lost. Is that more disappointing than Game 1?
JRUE HOLIDAY: I don't think so. Like you said we played well the whole game but I think we got our rhythm back. We got our groove back. Maybe just a couple things here and there that we need to change but definitely a positive turnout from this game.

Q. Seemed like you and Draymond were going at it during the game and especially right before halftime. What happened in your eyes in that moment?
RAJON RONDO: Nothing. Just two guys playing with passion. That's about it. Nothing.

Q. Going into Game 3, what do you feel like is the main thing you have to improve to get that win to get back into the series?
ANTHONY DAVIS: We'll go home. Our crowd will be into it. I think we did a good job tonight on both ends of the floor. Of course still need to clean up a few things but like I said we're living with some of the shots they took; they made them. Making them shoot uncontested twos. KD made some tough shots over some of our best defenders. We'll live with that, but think we've just got to do better getting to the line, me and Jrue. That kind of give our team a chance to get the penalty, when we're getting fouls and getting to the line, so I think that's the biggest thing, just try to get to the free throw line.

Q. The other night, you mentioned specifically about second quarter that it was an embarrassment. Overall for this Game 2, how would you describe this game?
RAJON RONDO: We made a lot of improvements. We put the work in the last couple days as far as on our defensive schemes. We were able to execute those for the most part of the game. Like I said they made tough shots, shots that we were living with according to the scouting report, but for the most part if we can get to the line we can control pace.

They were able to control the pace by getting to the line as many times as they did, being able to come back and set their defense ask that's should go we take pride in, we'll figure out better ways to get to the line. I don't know if we got to the penalty the second half. We've got to do a better job of trying to draw fouls.

Q. You shot well today from three-point range but seems like it's been a strategy of theirs to leave you open. You've never been a big volume three-point shooter in your career. Do you think you're shooting it well and you need to take more or do you just focus on playing the same way you've played throughout your career?
RAJON RONDO: I'm just going to continue to play the way I've played my entire career.

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