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May 1, 2018

Katrina Prendergast

Tarzana, California

Q. Tell me that shot on 18 from the left rough, how far did you have, what did you hit, and what angle did you have to the green on 18 there?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: We had 143 yards. I had pretty much a solid angle, just there was a little tree in front of me that was kind of crooked, but it was just enough room to get it over it. We were a little deep in the rough, so instead of taking a 9 I choked an 8, just barely got over the bunker, but it ended up really well.

Q. Could you see how good it was from where you were?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: I figured it was about 20 feet, but I didn't know how close it was.

Q. Who made the birdie on 17 for your team?

Q. What was the situation there?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: She had a good shot into the green. She was just short. Was a pretty good two-putt. She had a rough first putt, got her about 15 feet, and she made the putt. I was over in two and then had a bad chip, so I had a really long putt for birdie and missed that. But yeah, really solid for the team today.

Q. You guys jumped out pretty quickly, up 3 after five holes, I think?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah, it was a good start for us. She birdied the first hole. She hit a really nice wedge into the green on 1. 2 was good, we just kind of struggled on that hole. She actually hit a good shot in, just missed the putt. And we halved that, I believe. And on 3, she had a rough time, so it was all her. She hit a pretty good shot into the green, she just two-putt for par, and then on 4, we both had good shots into the green, and then they, I believe, had a 5, if I remember correctly. But yeah, I think -- maybe we halved the hole. I can't remember. It's all a blur today.

Q. You've played a lot of holes.
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah. And then we had some good putts on 7. She made birdie on 7. Actually -- yeah, she hit it close for eagle. I think she had about five feet and missed it, but we both had birdie there, and that kind of put us up a little bit towards the end.

Q. So the first two matches 4 & 2, 4 & 2. A little bit different story today but not as tight as it could have been.
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah, we kind of struggled on the back nine. We were 3-up after 9 or 10 -- was it 10?

Q. I think 3-up after 11, then it was all square at 14.
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: So yeah, we struggled on the last -- at least 12, 13 and 14 we really did. We didn't hit good shots into the green, and it kind of cost us. Page hit a good one in on 13 to like two feet and we gave it to her, and we just couldn't make birdie. I was long and she was short. And then 14, we really just don't like that hole as a team. We both didn't have really good shots in. We were both putting for par. We had about a 25-footer. Yeah, other than that --

Q. Pretty cold and chilly today, wasn't it? How did the weather affect you guys?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: No, it was fine. We thought it was going to actually get pretty cold, and then it started to kind of go away, come back. We grabbed all our rain gear just in case, but it ended up being okay. No wind at all.

Q. You guys played as teammates in this event last year?

Q. I think you made it to the first round of match play?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah, we made it to the round of 32 -- yeah. We just made it once, yeah.

Q. So you're in the semifinals tomorrow. What's the difference last year to this year? What's the difference?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: I think we're playing better team golf. Also we were in a pretty hard division last year. We played against the NCAA regional champion, or national champion, Bailey Tardy. She's a pretty good player. I mean, we were going back and forth with them on our front nine. We were 6-under and we were still 1-down as a team, so it was tough. I think we're in a good position, and I think we'll play well tomorrow.

Q. I spoke to Coach Young earlier today. She's been following the matches and the competition. She's pretty proud of you guys. She said that you guys really work well under pressure and you tend to make a lot of birdies.
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah, yeah, me and Ellen are definitely the ones who have the most birdies on the team, and I think that's where our strong suit comes into play, especially in match play. I mean, it's all about making birdies and pars, so that's where our strength is for sure.

Q. So you play, I think it's now two stroke play rounds, two match play rounds and at least one practice round, maybe two?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah, we had one, so yeah, we have six rounds right now.

Q. You've had six rounds around this course now. What's your take on the course and what do you have to do in the semifinals to keep it going into the finals?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Get it in the fairway and definitely hit it in the right spots on the green. Yeah, definitely get it in the fairway. They cut some of the rough pretty long here, and that's what I struggled with today. I couldn't hit a fairway. Definitely hit the fairway, and making some putts really helps, as well.

Q. I imagine you're aware of the fact that your coach has won a USGA championship?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah. Oh, yeah. You know, we'd like to get another one under our belt. Yeah, we can do it. I know we can. We work really well together, and I think we'll play well tomorrow.

Q. I'm not sure, but I think your opponents may be Meghan further any and Erica Shepherd --

Q. Do you know them at all?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: No, I do not. I've heard Shepherd, she's the U.S. Girls' champ, but that's all I know. I think they go to Duke. They were all decked out.

Q. It's hard to miss.

Q. You guys have a very busy schedule, you've got this event, you've got finals going on, I think Coach said you leave for the regionals Saturday to Austin, Texas?

Q. How do you keep everything straight with all that going on?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: You know, it's all in your head, I think. We keep -- as long as we keep going -- it's just good practice, at least, for regionals is what I kind of take. If we were kind of iffy coming in, should we go, should we not, because we're missing a lot of schools, but I think this really helps with practice for the regional tournament, and we said why not.

Q. Does that kind of take the pressure off this week, knowing that you have the NCAA regionals coming up?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah. I mean, I still think there's a lot of pressure on this, just because we've never had a team event where we've really won a tournament, I guess, with match play. But I don't think there's a lot of pressure. I think it's more practice for us, so I guess there's less pressure.

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