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May 1, 2018

Lei Ye

Yachun Chang

Tarzana, California

Q. It was a little cooler than you probably were expecting?
LEI YE: A little bit. Didn't quite bring enough layers. She did.

Q. Yeah, you guys are from Florida. You probably figured coming to California --
LEI YE: Yeah, didn't think it would be this cold.

Q. It's obviously a long day of two matches. Any memorable shots in your quarterfinal that carried you over the hump?
YACHUN CHANG: We have good company.

LEI YE: Yeah, we played good today. I think what we did well was that we helped each other out. When one of us went in the water, the other one made sure we were still in it.

YACHUN CHANG: We just want to make it simple.

Q. You guys closed it out with a birdie on 16?
LEI YE: Yep.

YACHUN CHANG: 15 and 16.

Q. What were the distances?
LEI YE: Like 15, 20 feet.

YACHUN CHANG: 21 feet, both.

Q. What did you hit into 15?
YACHUN CHANG: 9-iron, and 16 is 8-iron.

Q. It was a tough match but then you pulled away at the end. Were those two holes the difference?
YACHUN CHANG: My opponent, they are putting so good.

Q. They were good putters?
LEI YE: Yeah, especially Briana, she made a couple really good putts.

Q. She chipped in, too, right?
LEI YE: Yeah, I think it was the back nine where we made --

YACHUN CHANG: Birdie on --

LEI YE: More birdies. Birdie on 11 and then saved a difficult par on 13.

Q. What were your par putt on 13?
YACHUN CHANG: We both hit over.

Q. So you got up-and-down?
LEI YE: Yeah.

Q. Who made the putt?
LEI YE: I got up-and-down.

Q. How far was the putt?
LEI YE: About 25 feet.


LEI YE: I made the same putt this morning for a birdie. So I knew the line.

Q. 11 you birdied?
LEI YE: Yeah.

Q. Who made the birdie?

Q. What was the distance?
LEI YE: I was maybe like inside 10 feet.

Q. Your thoughts about being in the Final Four? You're a couple matches away from winning the title.
LEI YE: Yeah, keep it simple.


LEI YE: We made it all the way here, we'll just enjoy ourselves.

Q. Just another day?

Q. You guys are both exempt -- you get in the semifinals you're exempt for next year as long as you stay intact for a team, and it's in Florida next year. Do you think you'll play next year? I know you'll be at college, but do you think you would play this event next year?
YACHUN CHANG: Maybe, yeah.

LEI YE: I think if she's free I'm definitely up for it because she's going to have a more packed schedule for college.

Q. Two Arizona kids were playing this week, so I guess it depends on where it falls in the schedule?

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