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April 30, 2018

Annick Haszkiewicz

Sydney Smith

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Q. You got off to a rough start.
ANNICK HASZKIEWICZ: Yeah, basically we just didn't have as many birdies as we did the last few days, and we were just struggling to get pars instead of trying to get birdies, and then just the last few holes, we were 4-down, 4 to go, and then we came back two, and then we were 2-down with two to go, and 17 we tried to get on the green in two, and then we just didn't quite get there because we had to make an eagle. We knew they were going to get a birdie for sure.

Q. How difficult is it in a match play situation when you get down early to try to fight to get back in it rather than getting up early?
ANNICK HASZKIEWICZ: Yeah, definitely takes a toll on the round because you have to like get back up, and you have -- if you're 3 down, you have to win four holes in order to win the lead again.

Q. How were the conditions today? Seemed like it was a little cooler and breezier today than the first two days?
ANNICK HASZKIEWICZ: Yeah, definitely cooler and windier for sure.

Q. Did that have a factor in how you played?
SYDNEY SMITH: Yeah, the club selection, it was hard to figure out what club to hit with the wind swirling.

ANNICK HASZKIEWICZ: Yeah, swirling wind, and then honestly, we didn't play as well as we did the last few days.

Q. What do you take from the week? You guys obviously got medalist, to be the low scorers in stroke play. What do you take away for the rest of your summer?
ANNICK HASZKIEWICZ: Honestly, just -- we might play, if we qualify for the U.S. Girls', so just keep your head in the game. Even though we won yesterday, it's like a fresh start.

Q. What else is on your schedule? Are you going to try for the Women's Open at all?

Q. Did you guys try for the Women's Open?
ANNICK HASZKIEWICZ: We made it to the U.S. Girls' Junior last year.

Q. Both of you?

Q. And that's in California?

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