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April 29, 2018

Jason Dufner

Pat Perez

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. (Recording in progress. )
PAT PEREZ: Yeah, you know, Duf played great all day. I didn't really help him all this week too much. You know, it's always nice to be in the mix to try to get a win.

Billy and Scott just played phenomenal. Didn't make any mistakes; made the saves they had to. We missed a couple putts. It's a fun week. I love playing with Duf. You know, it was nice being there.

Q. Jason, we spoke about complementing personalities a bunch. You two guys look like you (indiscernible.)
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, we've played a lot of golf together over the 20 years. First time I won an event as a professional I beat Pat in Wichita.

PAT PEREZ: He's always bringing that up.

JASON DUFNER: 2001 or something like that. So we have a lot of history together. We played pretty well. We got off to a slow start the first two days. We did our best. Disappointed to leave the last putt short. You want to get that one at least to the hole to give a chance, but the other guys played a little better today.

Q. How was the pressure in alternate shot trying to chase down a win different than if you were doing it individually?
PAT PEREZ: Different for me because I didn't play well. I didn't hit too many good shots.

But it is, it's the same. I mean, it's the same. Obviously you want to let down your partner; you want to try to put them in spots to make some putts.

He played better than I did, so he had more pressure than I had to try to close it.

You know, like I said, it's fun being here. It could have been worse. We were scrambling on the Friday to just try to make the cut anyway, so second place isn't all that bad.

We got beat. We didn't lose it, we got to beat. They played phenomenal, so hats off to 'em. They did what they were supposed to. We did what we thought was going to be enough, but, you know, come up short.

Q. Duf, same question.
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, I felt like it was very similar. For me, takes a little pressure off me on the putting because I feel like I can be a little bit more aggressive. Last putt I didn't get aggressive with it. Just didn't quite get speed matched up like I wanted to.

I like the format. I'm familiar with is it. I'm pretty confident with my ball striking week in, week out. That makes me comfortable with the format.

I've never lost an alternate shot match in any of the team matches, so it's a good setup for me. Alternate shot I always feel good.

Like I said, trying to chase these guys down all day, they didn't lose a tee all day, and that's pretty tough in alternate shot.

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