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April 28, 2018

Draymond Green

Klay Thompson

Oakland, California: Game One


Warriors 123, Pelicans 101

Q. How do you think the game broke open in the second quarter?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think we just stayed the course. We were playing pretty good there in the first quarter but they were able to score some points. You know, when we came to the bench at the end of that quarter, we know they are going to score, but 34 points is too much and we talked about that. We got off to a good start defensively, and you know, once our defense kind of showed up and started to make a stand, that's when the game turned for us.

Q. The way you were able to get out in transition in the second quarter and pull away, how much did that come from the defense and ignite you guys, hustle plays, everything?
DRAYMOND GREEN: It all starts with the defense. They are a pretty good defensive team when they get set, but if we can push the tempo, you know, and try to get stuff in transition, that's big for us, and that was key and obviously that starts with stops.

We got a lot of deflections, was able to come up with the loose balls and then at any given point we got five guys on the floor that can just push the tempo with, Klay shooting lights-out and Nick hitting some shots, Draymond hitting some shots, KD. It's very key that we get stops and try to push the tempo and the defense was the key to start that off.

Q. What did you think of the starting lineup to go small and what does it mean to get downsized to center?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think it was a great move. Kind of stemming from the way they play CJ and Damian, where they was just sending guys off shooters to double them and to take them out the game. To add Nick into the lineup, a third scorer, a third shooter, I think it was big. He hit a couple shots for us and was able to get it going.

For me, just mean I got to guard Anthony Davis a little more, hold the fort down, try to protect the rim, rebound the basketball but nothing I haven't done before.

Q. Some guys would think having to guard Anthony Davis one possession and Rajon Rondo the next would be a challenge. I get the sense from you, you think it's fun. Is it fun?
DRAYMOND GREEN: It is fun, trying to mentally flip that switch, it's completely different guarding both guys but I have a lot of fun doing it. Just kind of switching out on different guys or switching my match-ups, I take pride in that.

Q. What was the mind-set, thinking Steph might be back tonight, then he's not, and then getting this victory, and knowing he's probably coming back for the next one.
KLAY THOMPSON: We've played well in the postseason without Steph. It hasn't been that easy as it looks, but we've adjusted to life without him.

You know, hopefully he comes back Tuesday but we still have to have the same mind-set if he isn't, because I think that's when we are at our best.

But even if he does come back, it's natural human emotion to be kind of relaxed because we have so much production coming back in our lineup. But that's going to be a test for us just to put that away in our minds and just focus on the task at hand and not depend on Steph to save the day. He's done it plenty of times, but we have a very deep team that's play makers all around and then you know, do this together. Just don't relax just because Steph is coming back. He's going to give us a huge boost but we cannot relax.

Q. Did you see the bench's reaction after your second-3-pointer? You looked like you were having a lot of fun out there. Was this a really fun game to be a part of?
KLAY THOMPSON: Every game in the postseason is fun, whether we are playing good or not. We are so lucky to be playing at the highest level and when you see your teammates having fun when you're doing well, it's contagious, and it might not look like I'm having a lot of fun out there but I really enjoy (laughter) what -- I really enjoy what I do.

Q. Steve said after the back-to-back threes you hit, he said it was the loudest he heard the Oracle all year. Did you get that same sense and what was it like going on that run and hearing the crowd?
KLAY THOMPSON: It's the best feeling. It's why we play. At the end of the day, we are entertainers. We are basketball players. And whenever you can get the crowd into it like that, it really uplifts our whole team, and same with our bench. That's why we have had such a great home-court advantage since I've been here the last six years. Same with Draymond. We expect that to continue.

DRAYMOND GREEN: I've been here seven years --

KLAY THOMPSON: No, I'm saying together --

DRAYMOND GREEN: Oohhh. Respect. Respect.

KLAY THOMPSON: Yeah, together. Rookie year is a little forgettable. (Laughter). Like I said, Oracle, they really show up for the playoffs and we appreciate them for it.

Q. Seems like your defense has gone up-and-down in the regular season but it's been the story of the postseason for you guys. Is it flipping the switch in your mind, do you think it's that or do you think it's more to it for the playoff run?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Got to lock in and focus more. I've been in a few playoff series now to understand that and understand the intensity level and focus level that I need to be at on that side of the.

Floor but you know, my job on the defensive end is more so than just me being all over the place. You know, or me locking in or turning it up on that side of the ball. My job on the defensive end is to make sure these guys are all on the same page with me and everyone that's on the floor.

On a team, you've got a role, and my role is to kind of be the catalyst of that defense. Just has his is just go score the basketball, I can't just depend on him to bring it and get all of us going on the defensive end. That's my job and so I try to take pride in that. You know, try to turn it up another notch, watch a bunch of film on sets they want to run or moves that guys want to go to. It's just a completely different focus level than it is in the regular season.

Q. Klay, what's it like to watch Draymond in that like defensive zone where he's kind of dominating the game with his energy and reading plays?
KLAY THOMPSON: It's very contagious. He's going to yell at you a couple times but that's okay. (Laughter) it's very contagious. When he gets hyped, you know, beats his chest, gets the crowd into it, we all get hyped.

Like I said before, yeah, we all feel it and it's just like if me or Steph were to hit four or five threes in a row, it's the same thing when he gets a couple stops in a row, takes the ball off the rim and leads the break, that's the same exact kind of momentum we can build.

Q. Coming out of the Spurs series, how was it kicking it up another notch and playing a fast game?
KLAY THOMPSON: Man, it was tiring. Spurs, they are a little older, so they play a little more methodical. They try to beat us up in the halfcourt and low block. This team is kind of like playing ourselves. It's like, you make a bucket, you can't relax. You have to sprint back, find a shooter and they are pushing the tempo. It's a whole different ballgame.

DRAYMOND GREEN: Klay looked at me on the bench and said, "Man, Draymond, I got more tired tonight than I did in any game against the Spurs." (Laughter).

That kind of sums it up, it's a completely different tempo. They are really pushing the ball, like he said, and nonetheless, as long as we are getting back into transition and not giving up easy stuff, I think that plays into our hands.

Q. What do you enjoy more: Hitting the three and getting the three points or yelling at Alvin for having his guy not out there on you?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Yelling at Gen for having this guy sitting in the paint. Like I'm not going to shoot? That's more fun than an actual three. If I really want to see a three, I could just pass the ball to one of them. (Laughter).

But talking to Gen and Erm over there on the bench, when they comme up with their game plan and I knock it down, that's more fun for me.

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