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April 27, 2018

Michael Kim

Andrew Putnam

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. Andrew, Michael, follow up yesterday with a good round today. I thought anything under 7 today would be a good round, and you guys did it with a double.
MICHAEL KIM: Yeah, I probably hit it into places Andrew never seen before. We grinded it out, and pretty pleased with a score today.

Q. Andrew, how did you adjust on a day like today?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, it's not easy. I mean, especially switching to a different golf ball. Trying to figure out -- it's a little more spinny than mine. Just trying to have some strategy out there, where we want to lay up to on par-5s.

But I think we did a good job just communicating and scored really well.

Q. Michael, I was talking to, joking with your caddie out there. He says, I'm not really doing much. These guys are doing all the talking amongst themselves. What I want to know, was there an arm wrestling match to get your golf ball? How did that conversation come about?
MICHAEL KIM: Andrew basically said, I'm comfortable playing your ball, so I mean, decision, tough call. Two seconds. Made it easy for us.

Q. Cut made. You get to walk up to music tomorrow, Andrew. What's the choice and what went into it?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I think we're playing Dr. Dre.


ANDREW PUTNAM: I don't know. What was the decision?

MICHAEL KIM: I kind of gave him a list and out of that we picked Still Draw. It will be a good one.

Q. You're now at 13-under. Michael, how did you carry that momentum from yesterday into today's round?
MICHAEL KIM: Just started out kind of with a little up and down with the double in the beginning, but we really grinded our butts off today. Pretty pleased with 3-under.

Q. Different format today. A lot more drama. How would you describe the different pressure that was out there today?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, it's hard. I feel like we put more pressure on ourselves when we're playing alternate shot. You know, if our partner hits a bad shot we're more forgiving and we're okay with it.

We're just playing shot to shot. Today we scored really well.

Q. Andrew, you're very familiar with one another's games. You actually played against each other a ton of times in collegiate golf. How does that familiarity help you out here in this team format?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I think just knowing each other. Our personalities mesh really well and games are pretty similar. We both played some good golf in college, and this has been fun this first two days.

Q. Guys, just describe your round today: Five birdies in this format is pretty good. A little unfortunate with the double.
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, I think we definitely capitalized on our good shots. Kind of have to do that in this format. We, yeah, ham and egged it well. When one person hit a bad shot the next person hit a good recovery.

Wasn't our prettiest golf, but (indiscernible), so that's what we did.

Q. Michael, how much did you get to play this format? Did you play it as an amateur?
MICHAEL KIM: Not much. Just a little bit of -- I mean Cannon Cup back in the day; a little Walker Cup. With alternate shot, it's pretty rare format for us.

I feel like we handled it pretty well today.

Q. How much of the strategy you thought you had going in did you utilize today, and how much did you have to adapt?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I would say we didn't have a ton of strategy really. We were talking about it on the first few holes. Like, Hey, if you want to read on a putt if I hit one by and you want to see where it went, let me know. Or if you want a specific yardage into a par-5.

We kind of just chatted about it during the round. Just common sense stuff as a golfer you kind of have to discuss.

Q. How tough is it going from yesterday you shot 10-under and then today you have to change formats? Today is it like starting all over?
MICHAEL KIM: Yeah, the good thing is we knew kind of what to expect. Scores are going to be a little higher today.

Just going in with par is a good mentality. I think we did pretty good.

Q. How much more difficult was the course today than yesterday, if in fact it was?
MICHAEL KIM: I thought it was pretty similar, other than the fact we had to play one ball. The course was playing pretty nice out there.

Q. What are the mental challenges of playing in this format?
MICHAEL KIM: Just the fact that you might not hit a drive for four-, five-hole stretch. Just going to have to be hitting a bunch of iron shots, and all of a sudden you might have to hit a chip.

Just got to be mentally ready for whichever shot you have coming.

Q. How much more pressure is there today just because if you hit a bad shot your buddy has to bail you out?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I feel like we put more pressure on ourselves. We both know, Hey, it's golf. We've seen each other hit plenty of bad shots; seen myself hit a lot of bad shots.

So it's not a big deal. We just do what we can and make the most of it.

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