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April 27, 2018

Chad Campbell

Matt Jones

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. Pretty tough day out there with that bit of wind. Tough format in alternate shot, but you guys obviously showed you can get it done. Haven't exactly been the greatest results thi year for either one of you. What do you put down to playing this well?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, I think we just believe in each other. We're both relaxed out there and very confident. If one of us hits a bad shot the other one can recover from it.

I think we are very comfortable with each other, you know, and our abilities.

Q. How did the partnership come to be?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I didn't play last year. Didn't have anybody. We were kind of looking, and Judd threw out Matt Jones. I was like, Perfect.

We've talked a lot over the years. We don't hang out a lot, but been friends for a while now.

Q. How do you guys have so much trust and belief in each other?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I've watched his game for a long time. I know what he's all about.

MATT JONES: Yeah, I've watched Chad hit balls on the range many times. He hits the ball flat that I like to hit, so...

He's been out here to a long time, so it's always god for me to watch someone and try and learn something.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
MATT JONES: Yeah, definitely. I mean, we're disappointed if we hit a bad shot for the other person. They don't really care because they'll just go and make up for it.

That's how I look at it. If he hit a bad shot I wouldn't care, but if I hit that shot for myself I would be more disappointed. There is a positive and a negative to it I think playing this format.

Q. How do you think you played so far this season?
CHAD CAMPBELL: This season? Pretty poorly, to be honest. Results have been terrible. I don't feel like my play is quite as bad as my results, if that makes any sense.

Keep grinding away at it. Golf is a crazy game. Never know when it's going to turn around.

MATT JONES: Yeah, mine has been poor as well. I can put it down to the putter really.

Ball striking, everyone hits it good out here. Comes down to putting. As we showed today. We turned a very comfortable 67 into a 70 today with some putting.

If we get that (indiscernible) for the weekend, I don't think there will be -- we won't have any problems.

Q. Excited for the weekend? Obviously put yourself in a good position.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, I think we're in a good position. Keep doing what we're doing and I think we'll be all right.

MATT JONES: The course sets up well for his strengths to my strengths, too. His iron play to driver off some of these tees works very well for us.

Q. So two guys who think the season has gone pretty poorly, is 11-under par or whatever through two days and you guys have a chance to win this tournament, how do you wrap your mind around that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Like I said, I think we're just confident in each other. Maybe just being with him, knowing he's confident in me, maybe gives each of us more confidence if that makes any sense.

MATT JONES: Definitely.

CHAD CAMPBELL: I think that may be a little bit of it.

Q. I always think it's really hard to make the transition from playing your own ball to then out there just trying to grind out a round. How did you guys adapt to it and put together another good score today?
MATT JONES: It is difficult, but still only one golf ball between the two of you. You are playing your own golf ball. He's going to try and hit his best shot for me and I'm going to try and hit the best shot for myself. That's what we do when we play our own game.

I try to look at it that way, and I think we did pretty well.

Q. You guys are looking for some results here. When you have a partner and can kind of lean on somebody out there, how has it sort of pulled you guys along to finding some form this week?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I think that's it. We both believe in each other's ability and feel very confident out there.

I think that helps our as far as individually.

Q. The walk-up song tomorrow. You had to get through 36 holes to do it. What was the discussion and what are we going with?
MATT JONES: Yeah, there was a discussion. There was multiple songs thrown out, but I left it up to him.

CHAD CAMPBELL: He didn't want the song, but it's Mr. Jones with Counting Crows.

Q. That will be a fan favorite. Now back to it, though. Knowing what you guys were able to do yesterday and stringing the birdies together, getting the putter going, you transition back. Get a long sort of breather before tomorrow. How do you approach Saturday? Just like Thursday, or keep going the way it's been?
MATT JONES: Yeah, I mean, birdies are what's going to count tomorrow. We are going to have to make plenty of them. I think we're both going to be aggressive and try and make as many as we can.

Q. Chad and Matt, 11-under. We were just talking about how unfamiliar you are with alternate shot; you don't have to do it -- you don't play it very often. Describe the type of pressure when you play alternate ball?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, it's definitely a little bit different. Like you say, we're not accustomed to it. You're always trying to hit your best shot anyway, so you got to have that look.

Whenever he's hitting a shot he's trying his best, so you can't get upset. You feel worse whenever you hit a bad shot for somebody else than you do for yourself.

It's a little bit of added pressure there, but it worked well for us today.

Q. The wind a little tricky at times, a little swirly. In what ways did that impact the game out there?
MATT JONES: Just where you're going to leave the shots, second shots, what I'm going to hit off the tees to leave him a number that he likes to hit into a green. He might be more comfortable hitting 150 yarder than I would be 150 yarder.

Just have to ask where the strengths are he relies and what distances he likes in the pins.

Q. After bogey on 14, what was the conversation like to allow you to finish with those pars and a birdie?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Not much. I knew I made a mistake there running that putt by, just kind of lagging down there. Not really a putt you try to make. We both know that. He was trying to make the short one. He wasn't trying to miss it.

We're giving 100% and just going with it and we just go on with it. Don't always have to talk about it.

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