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April 27, 2018

Cody Gribble

John Peterson

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. 10-under par today. Just how would you describe the pressure that you feel out here with alternate shot?
CODY GRIBBLE: Yeah, it's a little nerve wracking going from best ball the first day and today just having one shot; you don't have the cushion with the other player.

But, I mean, John's driver and tee ball these last few days has been nothing short of almost perfect. I mean, it was kind of relaxing the last few days. We made some good putts, some good pars that have fallen our way.

Looking forward to the weekends.

Q. John, this is a course you're very familiar with. LSU guy; played the Zurich Classic a ton of times. How does that familiarity help you out there?
JOHN PETERSON: It's the grass I grew up on in Baton Rouge as a kid and then and Fort Worth. The same grass. I've seen this forever, and it helps to know his game really well.

Yeah, I probably played here 30 times, 40 times. A lot during college, and then, yeah, the last six years here. Very familiar with this place. Know where to hit it on every pin.

Just excited to actually be able to do it for once.

Q. And Cody, John talks about you guys knowing each other well. You've actually known each other since you were about ten years old. Again, sort of the friendship and team aspect...

Q. ...how much does that come into play?
CODY GRIBBLE: A lot. A lot. I mean, not only golf, but we've also got a lot in common. I think our love is really off the golf course, some of our hobbies that we do.

Anyway, it's good. We've got a good friendship. Again, looking forward to seeing what we got this weekend.

Q. Just some comments on your round today, guys. It's a hard format to play and you guys got in at 4-under; that's pretty good.
JOHN PETERSON: Yeah, we played really well. I think we played better than that. I think we had 6-under out there today. I hit a really bad chip on the first par-3, No. 3 I think it is.

CODY GRIBBLE: I put him in a really good spot, though.

JOHN PETERSON: Other than that, it was a clean card. We just never really got in a bad spot. If we missed a green it was in an easy spot and he was able to chip it close or I was able to chip it close. Really had tap-in pars all day, and that is huge in alternate shot.

CODY GRIBBLE: Yeah. We really had a couple good putts for par that kind of kept the momentum going. I mean, we had a lot of really good looks for birdie today. I mean, I think the biggest key is I feel like our speed the last few days has been just about perfect. If we can keep that going for tomorrow for sure, anything can happen on Sunday.

Just keep it rocking.

Q. How is your health? Feeling okay health-wise? Feel strong going into the weekend after a round like this?
JOHN PETERSON: Yeah, I've been fine. I've been fine for about eight months now. Just haven't played like it. Been playing like once a month, too.

My wife and I, we have a six-month-old baby so we're not the getting a ton of sleep right now. Up at 4:00 the first two nights here and finally got our own hotel room. Baby is staying in his own room. Maybe that helped the last couple days, a little extra sleep, being able to hit some better shots.

Yeah, I feel fine. I feel fine. My wrist is fine. I don't have the range of mobility as I used to, but it doesn't hurt. That's really the only thing that mattered.

CODY GRIBBLE: Yeah. I mean, honestly, I don't have any excuse for my poor play. (Laughter.) But I think my biggest problem has really been my tee ball, and John's tee ball right now is so good. I think I am just trying to feed off his energy.

I've actually found a lot more fairways the last couple days, so it's good. I think we're going the right direction. Just look forward to keep grinding on the weekend.

Q. John, I think the first made cut this year. You want like 20 more of these events?
JOHN PETERSON: What's that?

Q. Do you want like 20 more of these events?
JOHN PETERSON: I wish we played this way every week. This is so mch fun. PGA TOUR is fun and all, but like week in and week out by yourself gets a little boring. This livens it up and makes it fun. Everybody likes it.

If you don't like it, you probably hate team golf in general. It works well for guys that have known each other a long time and played a lot of golf together.

Q. Is this perhaps what you guys then needed it?
JOHN PETERSON: To break our current play streak?

CODY GRIBBLE: Our high streak? Yeah, I don't know. We'll tell you on Sunday. (Laughter.)

JOHN PETERSON: Yeah, let's wait a couple days. We're only halfway done.

Q. How much of an adjustment is it obviously playing where you guys get a few more shots yesterday?
CODY GRIBBLE: Yeah, for sure. I think for me especially, coming in here and not having the best confidence with my tee ball, watching John put it in the fairway first on just about every hole has really made me calm down in the tee box.

I think it really helped really going into today. But our irons, everything is great. Our putter is great. Just keep working on it. Made a couple chips around the green, but other than that everything was pretty solid.

Q. Is it more incentive for you or how exciting is it knowing this weekend there will all these LSU people yelling and screaming and cheering, Go Tigers?
JOHN PETERSON: Yeah, I mean, if we can stay in contention until the very end on Sunday we're going to have the crowd, maybe with the exception of a Jordan Spieth and Ryan Palmer being up there.

There was a lot of the people out there yesterday; a lot out there today.

Obviously Smylie in the group as well we had a lot of LSU people. Yeah, Tiger fans stick together. The whole state pulls for LSU no matter what part of the state you're in.

You could be in Shreveport and it's just a big a Tiger town as Baton Rouge. Yeah, I think we'll have a good amount of fans out there, especially if we stay near the top of the leaderboard.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
JOHN PETERSON: You know, we've never played a round on tour together. We haven't ever played a tournament round on the PGA TOUR. Those were our first two.

That's probably my fault because I haven't played as well as he has. Haven't been near the top of the boards.

But it was fun. He hits it the same as he did in college. He's basically the same guy. He's a little calmer. He has a better demeanor than he did then. That's probably why he's playing well these last few years.

Q. (Regarding walk-up music.)
CODY GRIBBLE: Yeah, I mean, just been a long time George Michael fan. I don't know what to tell you. Just everything from the start to finish of his albums...

JOHN PETERSON: It's been my ring tone for three years, so...

Q. What was the second choice?
JOHN PETERSON: Hakuna matata.

CODY GRIBBLE: Yeah, Hakuna matata.

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