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April 27, 2018

Patrick Cantlay

Patrick Reed

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. Patrick Cantlay and Patrick Reed, 8-under after the first two rounds. You had a stretch out there where you had five birdies in the first six holes. What was the key to the middle of that round?
PATRICK REED: Biggest thing was just quality golf shots. Whether he was hitting the tee shot or I was, we put it in the right position.

And then with how well he's hitting his irons how I feel like I am hitting my irons, we were able to get the ball close to the green and allow the putter to work.

Q. Patrick, describe what the communication is like and sort of the drama and the pressure as a twosome playing alternate shot?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, the pressure is the same for me. I have high expectations for myself, so all I try to do is take care of what I'm doing out there.

It's fun knowing I got somebody that's rock solid on my team. If I leave him in a bad spot I know he's going to hit a good one.

You know, feel very comfortable out there. We've played a few rounds now together, and I think we're really starting to gel.

Q. Now that you've played one day of each format, heading into the weekend, what have you learned about the partnership that will be a key to success?
PATRICK REED: I think the biggest thing is just there is not really too many highs and lows emotionally. I've always known what's worked best for me because of how emotional I can get. If I make a bunch of birdies I'm really jacked up, and if I make a couple bogeys I start getting down on myself.

But to have Cantlay there when you make the putts, is there to pick you up and keep you going, it's just one of those things that's always kind of worked.

Nothing seems to phase this guy. He's got ice in his veins. It's always nice to see, because that allows me to be a little bit more comfortable, a little bit more confident, and take some risks that I'm not scared to take.

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