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April 27, 2018

Justin Rose

Henrik Stenson

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. Through two rounds, Justin and Henrik; in at 8-under. Henrik, have these first two rounds met or exceeded your expectations?
HENRIK STENSON: Really, result-wise it's been a little frustrating. Yesterday we didn't finish great; it was kind of the same today. Dropped a couple coming in.

Yeah, when you got these delicate pitches and chips on the bermuda, if you don't get the ball perfect it's not turning into much. We left a couple out there for sure.

Yeah, just got to try and make that up in the next two days.

Q. Justin, this is certainly a format that you're familiar with. We've seen all your success. Describe kind of the pressure and the drama that comes with alternate ball.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, there is definitely more pressure for sure. I think in alternate shot it's a fine balance really, because you want to play your own game. As a team, we want to just get into a rhythm and play as we would play any other week, right?

But sometimes with alternate shot, you never kind of want to hit the really poor shot at the poor time when there is water or -- yeah, you never really want to put your partner in a situation where we're going to make too big of a mistake.

Like Henrik said, I think we've done some good things out there. Don't think we've had our run yet. Haven't made any putts; we haven't chipped in; we haven't had a long putt fall for us; we had five bogeys.

So to be 8-under with all that going on, kind of if we can clean all that up and get a little bit of luck and a run going on the weekend, I think we can mount a charge.

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