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April 26, 2018

Tommy Fleetwood

Chris Paisley

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. Tommy and Chris come in at 10-under. You also had to deal with elements a little bit, the rain. Now it's beautifully sunny and hot. How did you guys have to switch gears and score well in the rain?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Well, Chris played well when it was raining, so that helped. We only had a long wait on the 2nd, and after that it was fine. Warmed up nicely and just got going.

Q. You guys have known each other for quite sometime and have played together a lot. How does that friendship help in this kind of a partner event?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It's just good fun and it's very relaxing. It's obviously a big tournament, but it's kind of just good fun having a good friend alongside you and a really good player as well.

It's a slightly more relaxed atmosphere than normal, and that obviously helps.

Q. And a switch from last year. They actually switched the format days. Better ball today; alternate shot tomorrow. What does that do in term of strategy?
CHRIS PAISLEY: Yeah, it's throwing you into the deep end since day one.

It's a bit nicer today. I mean, we know what tees we're going off. And the strategy, it won't change. You hit your golf shot and that's it. We know we're trying our hardest, and that's just the end game. Just see what we can do tomorrow. Foursomes is a lot tougher obviously. If you play well, should be fine.

Q. Tommy, Chris, great playing. Tommy, that shot at 18, I thought you had an eagle out there.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I didn't have any idea it was that close. I knew it was a good shot and everything, but -- (indiscernible) which was fine. Just go at it with a wedge and see what you can do with it.

I actually thought I was like four foot past or something, so at least have more chance (indiscernible) tap it in and taking the (indiscernible.)

Q. Yeah, it was a great shot. Chris, 10-under par. Could you guys have done any better than that?
CHRIS PAISLEY: Yeah, I mean, there's always a couple shots where we both had decent looks at birdies and we both missed. Obviously we're both very happy. Both played nicely and kind of dovetailed as well. There was a couple of holes where I was out of it and Tommy was out of it, but the other player can step up and make a birdie or a par.

Q. Chris, it's great to see you back in the states. You played collegiately here. I know you don't play a lot here. Excited to be back?
CHRIS PAISLEY: I am, yeah. No, it's great. It's obviously great of Tommy to invite me to play this week, and then I got an invite last week. It's been a lot of fun. Hopefully I can play (indiscernible.)

Q. Tommy, talk about the relationship with Chris. I know you guys have known each other for a while.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, we get on okay. I was happy that he said yes when I asked him to play. It does make a difference. When you got on so well and you feel comfortable, it makes a big difference out there. Especially in that team format where you're not just playing for yourself really.

So there is always that little bit of added pressure on it. Having a close friend just makes it a whole lot more easier.

Q. You know, I follow Tommy a lot out here. He has had a great run here. Chris, you're having a great year.

Q. I don't think people realize what a great year you're having on the European Tour.
CHRIS PAISLEY: Yeah, obviously it's been kind of the best start to the year I've ever had. Yeah, it's been amazing. Hopefully I can just kind of keep it going. Maybe get my card over here. That would be great.

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