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April 26, 2018

Michael Kim

Andrew Putnam

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. Guys, just take us through the round. What's it like when you have a stretch of seven birdies in a row?
MICHAEL KIM: It was mostly Andrew. I just helped out once in a while. Just was along for the ride.

ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, he started off with a couple birdies and then I decided I wanted to contribute a little. Yeah, we had like seven in a row. Pretty crazy.

Q. When you guys have a stretch like that, are you feeding off that energy? If one guy is playing better golf, are you playing better golf or vice versa if it's the other way around?
MICHAEL KIM: Yeah, absolutely. He was playing great and kept me loose out there. Just tried to keep him loose.

Had some good momentum going.

ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, it's good when you have both guys are playing good golf. Got off to a good start. He did. And helped just kind of relax.

I haven't really got off to good starts the last couple tournaments. It's nice having a partner who can help and pick you up.

Q. Obviously when you shoot 10-under par there is not a whole of things to do differently, but tomorrow's format, does that change your strategy at all?
MICHAEL KIM: Yeah, maybe some less aggressive clubs off the tee. Just keep doing the same thing. It worked pretty well today.

Q. For you? Anything you feel like you need to do differently?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Not a lot. Just keep playing good golf.

Q. Michael, could you just speak to relying on one another? Do you like to play your game and get some advice occasionally, or is it really a lot of back and forth?
MICHAEL KIM: Just, you know, maybe get a little help from what clubs he's hitting how the shot affected his ball, but nothing too crazy.

Q. Andrew, you said it does keep you looser. Does this format make it a little bit more fun out there?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah. I think I especially best ball. You're out there having a good time. You're not feeling like there is too much pressure on you so you kind of just freewheel it and see how low you can go.

Q. Great start to this. Got off to a great start in this round, which I'm sure, Andrew, really helped get this round started.
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, we did. Michael was there first few holes; made a couple birdies.

Then I had a good stretch of six or seven in a row. It was a good round today.

Q. Michael, how did this partnership come together and how do you guys play off one another on a day like today?
MICHAEL KIM: I just kind of straight up asked him at Shell on the practice putting green. He said, Okay, so kind of went from there.

He rolled it great, so was just along for the ride.

Q. You guys have played together and know one another's games. When you come to this format, what's the couple days leading up to it like trying to get a little bit of rhythm as a team?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, it's a lot different feel coming here knowing you're playing with a teammate. I think it's pretty cool. You can have a totally different week out here.

Obviously some strategy and learning about each other's games, each other's strengths. I feel like our games are pretty similar, so there is not a lot we have to figure out.

Q. Is there anything, Michael, you take from today playing a completely different format tomorrow? Is it just the confidence of knowing you can hit the shots, or is there anything else you try and take when there is one ball in play tomorrow?
MICHAEL KIM: Yeah, just take the same momentum. You know, try to keep it going tomorrow and keep the putter hot.

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