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April 26, 2018

Kevin Kisner

Scott Brown

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. Did it feel like you guys kind of picked up where you left off last year?
KEVIN KISNER: We got off to a good start and made a lot of birdies.

We did great together. You know, any time I didn't make a birdie he threw one in there and vice versa, so it was a fun round.

Q. What did you guys learn last year with the success that you had that may help you here?
SCOTT BROWN: We play together a lot when we're at home, so we kind of just do the same thing here. It's really no different for us. But, you know, I think we learned, if anything, to keep the pedal down and keep pushing. One shot can make a difference.

Q. What do you guys remember most about last year?
KEVIN KISNER: Well for me it was the chip in. That was a lot of fun, doing that in the dark with a lot of people out there and knowing it had to go in.

Obviously we didn't finish it off the way we wanted to, so we're coming back for a little revenge this week.

Q. 18 was a little different for you guys today with the alligators out there. Did they bother you at all?
KEVIN KISNER: He had been there all day; wasn't moving all day.

Q. There was one that walked all the way across like almost to the cart path. Like across the fairway. They brought a cart out and shooed him away.
KEVIN KISNER: I was glad Browny had a close putt for birdie, because I didn't want to have to finish that. I was just getting in there and hitting quickly.

Q. With the format changing tomorrow, what have you guys talked strategy-wise?
SCOTT BROWN: Do the same thing we did as last year. We obviously had a game plan coming into here, who was teeing off where and whatnot.

But, you know, it's a different format. A little more conservative golf and take your chances when you get them.

Q. Remind us who is doing even and who is doing odds and why?
SCOTT BROWN: No reason why. I think we just stood up -- I'm doing odd, but no other reason that we just picked.

KEVIN KISNER: He's the par-3 assassin, so he gets three Par-3s and I get to putt them. He's going to hit it close and I'm going to make them all for him.

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