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April 22, 2018

Jin Young Ko

Los Angeles, California

Q. Jin Young, you had an awesome week here. Tell me about your week.
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, I had a really good week this week in L.A. I had lots of Korean food this morning and last night, seven days, so I can play well.

And then course was tough course, but I really -- I'm really trying to focus on my game and on the course.

So, yeah. I do best.

Q. Yeah. You did your best. You did awesome. And it felt more comfortable because you were eating more Korean food and you were surrounded by a lot of Korean fans. What's the biggest difference between playing on tour in Korea and also in America?
JIN YOUNG KO: First one is here every tournament is four days; KLPGA is three days, sometimes four days.

And then Korea feels like mountain course, but here is more flat. So playing easy to LPGA, yeah.

And then lots of gallery here. And then using the English. (Laughter.)

Q. Has that been challenging? Are you learning a lot?

Q. A lot?

Q. What's the most challenging part of being a rookie on the LPGA Tour?
JIN YOUNG KO: English. Yeah, golf is -- every player a good, so I think really important is English. To me.

Other players British, Scotland, from other country using English, but I'm using Korean. So I have to learn other language, so difficult.

Q. Yeah, because you're trying to balance golf and English.
JIN YOUNG KO: And rest.

Q. Yeah, since you are doing well out here. You should be so proud of yourself. What are you most proud of?
JIN YOUNG KO: I think honest, and then -- I don't want think about money or something, but, yeah, I really trying to think about just low score and winning and top 10.

Q. So playing your best?

Q. So you're not motivated by money?

Q. Or ranking; just yourself.
JIN YOUNG KO: Money is sometimes gone, sometimes have. Doesn't matter.

Q. So on your neck lace I see you have two crosses. Are you religious? You believe in something?
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, I believe God. So, yes. That's good, yeah.

Q. And then I think -- I don't want to bring up anything emotional -- but you did post something about your grandfather. Is he doing okay? What's wrong?
JIN YOUNG KO: He's dead.

Q. He died?
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah. He died 12 days ago.

Q. I'm so sorry.
JIN YOUNG KO: I'm already in Hawaii, Lotte Championship, so we want to go to on the course on Monday, but my father told me, Grandfather is dead, died, so we have to go Korea. You want to stay here or you want to go back to Korea?

Q. Hard decision?
JIN YOUNG KO: I have to back to Korea. I can't believe it. But I went to (indiscernible); I saw his picture, and then...

Q. So it hit you hard?

Q. Because it's hard to believe.

Q. So was it tough to play through Lotte and this week knowing that your grandfather passed away?
TRANSLATOR: She didn't play Lotte.

Q. Right. So what was this week like?
JIN YOUNG KO: I'm thinking only of grandfather, and then win.

Q. Yeah, that's a tough decision. This is your career, your dream, and sometimes you have to let your personal things go. So I think that's really brave. Takes a lot of courage. Good luck. Great job. What are you going to do next week?
JIN YOUNG KO: San Francisco. I'm playing San Francisco and then Dallas.

Q. Will you take any time off? What will you do in your free time?
JIN YOUNG KO: Free time, maybe work out, and then eat or rest.

Q. Good plan. So yesterday you talked about playing with Inbee. You learned a lot. You played with her again today. What was that like? Was it any different? Were you just too focused on your own game?
JIN YOUNG KO: She is great on the course. Really looks like Buddha. No face.

Q. No emotions?
JIN YOUNG KO: No emotions. I can try, but I can't.

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