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April 22, 2018

Alexander Levy

Rabat, Morocco

Q. Hassan Trophee II champ. What a feeling.
ALEX LEVY: So good. I'm a little bit tired now because it was really tough today, but I do a really good job today. For me, I play amazing game. I'm so happy to win this trophy.

Q. What were the key points out on that golf course?
ALEX LEVY: I think I keep my mind that good way. I play shot by shot. I hit a lot of good shots in the right place. And I think today, I got momentum on 11 when I make this putt for par, help me to build some confidence and help me for the end of the day.

Q. What did you think when you saw the plugged lie on 16? That was nasty.
ALEX LEVY: I say to myself, "Make five, and we will see after." I holed a nice 4-, 5-foot putt for bogey and after, I hit a really, really good shot on 17 to help me to have a two-shot lead to the 18th.

Q. Did that make your mind up coming up 18, not going for it in two, because that was some draw you hit up there.
ALEX LEVY: Yeah, I got the 3-iron, and I say, "Come on, Alex, you want to go for it." But I say, "Come on, lay up. It's a downhill lie; you need to hit 20 metres' draw."

It was not the easiest shot, so I preferred to hit wedge and have the wedge shot for the green to be sure to have a putt for birdie and try to hold to a three-shot lead and be sure to have the trophy.

Q. I have to ask the question: Ryder Cup. This year, you're a Frenchman; it's in Paris. It's a win under your belt. Maybe one more, two more needed. It's got to help.
ALEX LEVY: Yeah, for sure. Like what I say from the start of the season, I need to improve my game. I need to work a lot. I work a lot the last two days, two weeks, and I win this trophy.

So that's helped me but you know, step by step, it's a good win but I need to go back to work because we can see we have a lot of good players in Europe. So it will be tough to make it.

Q. You definitely have Thomas Björn thinking, and great win, all the best.
ALEX LEVY: Thank you very much.

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