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April 21, 2018

Mikko Ilonen

Rabat, Morocco

Q. A 66, you must be absolutely delighted with that.
MIKKO ILONEN: Well, I wasn't expecting to be here, as you see. I haven't shaved this morning, or last week, so I wasn't prepared to be in front of the cameras. But I was expecting a solid round again. I was quite happy with the two 72s to start with, and just things started to roll my way today. Managed to score on the easier holes.

Q. Conditions have been very different over the three days here. How much did they help today?
MIKKO ILONEN: Well, it was rather chilly in the morning. We had a little bit of rain when we were on the range but once that stopped, the wind dropped down, as well, so there was virtually nothing on the course.

So just a little breeze every now and then and we knew the direction. It was very steady, so it was quite easy to read all the time.

Q. What pleased you most about your round today?
MIKKO ILONEN: I stayed really patient around 15 and 16 where the pins are tucked away a little bit and you can really mess up on those.

I only had one ball plugged in the bunker today, which was in the first hole.

Q. You've got a little bit of history around this course, is it a place you enjoy coming to?
MIKKO ILONEN: Yeah, I've had success, I believe I finished third once on this course. I like the layout. Everybody loves the layout. Obviously we have new greens this year and it's made the course a bit trickier.

Q. You've given yourself a chance to win this golf tournament with 18 holes to go. Are you excited by that prospect?
MIKKO ILONEN: Of course. The guys still have a lot of holes left. We'll see how they come in. They have obviously had a slow day. I think the lead was still 7-under, so you never know. Someone might do a couple of birdies and try to run away with it, but I'm close enough, definitely, tomorrow.

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