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April 21, 2018

Alexander Levy

Rabat, Morocco

Q. Are you happy with your round today.
ALEX LEVY: I'm really happy. I played really solid today and I think I keep my mind in a good way. That's the good point.

Q. You seem to be the Phil Mickelson of The European Tour. Some of your short stuff was absolutely incredible. What's it like to play those sort of shots?
ALEX LEVY: Yeah, I practised a lot last week on my short game, and especially for me, on 13 was the more impressive. But yeah, I say to me, "Come on, you practise for that. Just make this one." Yeah, it was a really good chip.

Q. So just for people at home, how long would you practise your short game when you have a week at home?
ALEX LEVY: Last week I practised a lot. I like to go on the course and to putt my ball in a different spot on different greens and chip a lot of balls around the green. I think it's like that that you improve your short game.

Q. What about tomorrow? You're a four-time champion out here. What's the strategy?
ALEX LEVY: Just to keep what I do the last three days, and I feel I swing the ball really good and I take more fairways with the driver today, so that's a good point. We will see. We will enjoy tomorrow. That's for sure.

Q. Give us your assessment of how things went.
ALEX LEVY: It was really good. I played really good golf. I'm pretty happy with what I did on the course today. Keep the mind in a good way, and no, it's really good.

Q. Conditions today, a lot different to the previous two days. Just how much did that affect?
ALEX LEVY: Yeah, it was not too windy, but it was tough, tough golf course. The pin was in a tough position. So it was good to play under the par today. No, it was a very good day for golf.

Q. You've been in this position a couple of times going into the final round. Just how much are you looking forward to it?
ALEX LEVY: We practise to be on this position. I think today, it was good because I kept my mind in a good way.

So that will be my goal tomorrow to keep the mind in a good way and just enjoy and just play shot by shot and try to do the best I can.

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