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September 13, 2005

Thomas Bjorn


THOMAS BJORN: You can't really attack here, even in match play, because there is so much trouble. You can only hope you play better than the other guy. I did a pretty good job one year when I got to the final.

My game? It's all right. It was good at the PGA. It's okay. Not incredibly good but not bad either.

Q. Does this get the adrenalin going right from the off?

THOMAS BJORN: Yes, this is different. It's a long haul, that's for sure. It's the only tiring event you could ever play, that's for sure. I played all four days when I lost to Ernie in the final and I was really tired. Sunday was probably the only day I really struggled and I only really woke up at lunch and I was four down. It's was hard to get going that morning. This format is definitely better. If someone doesn't play on Thursday, it becomes such a big advantage. Only one player has won it from playing all the way through.

Q. Of course, you don't have Ernie to worry about?

THOMAS BJORN: I saw him this morning. The event will miss him, that's for sure. I play Paul McGinley - I saw him as well this morning dropping off the kids at school. Same school, same class as mine. Samantha (Els), Niamh (McGinley) and my daughter, Filippa, are all in the same class.

Q. Nice to stay at home for an event?

THOMAS BJORN: Yes, especially in the middle of much going on at this time of year. I go to the Seve Trophy, dunhill links and Amex and then we will see. Got to take into consideration the Money List. I don't want to play Madrid and Majorca as I have a few at the end of the year as well, but if I have to, I might go, before the Volvo Masters. I would hope to be in a position to settle it at Valderrama. At this time I am quite a bit behind Retief.

Q. It would mean a lot to you?

THOMAS BJORN: I think it would be important for a European to win it. Ernie and Retief have been great champions for our Tour but it would be nice for a European to win it. Same with the Majors. We need a European to win it, not just a European Tour Member. But, in saying that, the guys who have won it deserved it.

Q. Does the money come into it, when you play in the final?

THOMAS BJORN: No. Anyone who has got here have played well anyway. A guy like Kenneth Ferrie would probably say this is a big deal and certainly the first time you are in it, it is a big deal.

Q. Week before the Presidents Cup is not a great slot?

THOMAS BJORN: No, it's not. But what you can do. Next year I've heard talk about it going the week before the Ryder Cup. If it did, I think it would limit the field and I don't think you would want Padraig Harrington and Tiger Woods playing a 36-hole final before the Ryder Cup. It's difficult at this time of year with so much going on.

End of FastScripts.

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