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November 22, 2000

Vijay Singh


JULIUS MASON: Just generally, your round today, what did you think?

VIJAY SINGH: Again, scored well. Disappointed with the putting. But, a good chance to make birdie on 2. Played the par 5's poorly. Birdied only one par -- no, actually I birdied 14 today. But yesterday, I made one birdie on a par 5. Today, I made two, but -- and bogeyed one of them, you know. And then missed one or two putts. But then I started making one or two putts coming in, which was good. I don't know, the way I played, you know, I was lucky to finish where I did, with the scoring, you know, because I scored probably the best I've ever scored, not playing well, for a long, long time.

JULIUS MASON: And is that because of your putting?

VIJAY SINGH: Yes, exactly, because of my putting. You make putts -- like today, you hit it left, you hit it right, you hit it on the green, you make a putt, you make a par. Maybe I can strike it, knock it 15 feet, 2-putt it, and we come out the same score. So definitely, yeah, you know, I'm quite satisfied with the way I scored, but obviously, you're never satisfied when you lose. But even two eagles --

JULIUS MASON: I mean, how do you compete against two eagles? That's considered perfect, isn't it?

VIJAY SINGH: Well, you know, I had a chance in the playoff to make an eagle. It was not that -- here's your chance and that was it. But you need to drive the ball in play to do that, and he did it. Both times -- one time he hit a 7-iron or 8 -iron and one time he hit a 6-iron. I hit a 6-iron on the playoff, which is the same thing. But, you know, he made the putts. He made two good shots and he made the putts. Bottom line is he did what he needed to do.

JULIUS MASON: Finally, there was a lot of talk down in the media center about how we switched to stroke play after being in match play for two years. All of sudden, nobody is thinking of Lehman and Azinger anymore, they are thinking of the match play between you and Tiger. Did you feel like that there?

VIJAY SINGH: No. Actually, Lehman was tied for the lead until he hit in the water. I think it would have been a lot closer game if Lehman had not hit in the water. And then he had a good chance for birdie on the next and on 15; and had a good chance on 16 and good chance at 17 and made birdie on 18. So, I think if he -- I think he got very unlucky on his tee shot to finish in the hole. Nobody knows that, but it did finish hole, and then he caught it over the green. I think it is a better format, because, you know, the crowd can see everybody playing. I don't think -- you know, if I am an alternate and it's a match play, I don't think I'll come, you know, because we're here for one day and that's it. You can't win the golf tournament. I think two days, even if you shoot a bad score, you're still in a position to be able to win the tournament.

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