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April 16, 2018

Kevin Durannt

Oakland, California: Game Two

Game 2

Warriors 116, Spurs 101.

Q. Kevin what did you think changed for you guys as far as the second half goes? You were down six, and really blitzed them in that third quarter.
KEVIN DURANT: We just stayed with it. You know, we knew they were going to come out with a lot of physicality and denying, and running us off our cuts. But we just stayed with it. I think we generated better shots in the second half. Obviously Klay got it going for us, as well, knocking down the jumpshot, penetrating, making good passes, as well.

We just played through it and we didn't let anything distract us out there. It's a good second half for us.

Q. Obviously everything looks better when the ball moves, but how do you make sure the ball moves when San Antonio is playing as aggressively as they were on defense?
KEVIN DURANT: Try not to force things. I think in the first half, that defense they were playing was really taking us out of a lot of our sets.

So we had to kind of slow it down a bit, loosen them up a bit. I think Coach caught a few iso's for me and I just tried to come down and take a good shot just to loosen them up; and boom, and you kick out; Andre hit a couple threes. And now we got two people in the paint watching and we kick out, guys can drive-and-kick.

We just had to be a little bit more patient with our movement and let it kind of happen, and it happened in the third quarter for us, and we got stops that ran out, as well.

Q. On that note, how did you see yourself and Klay build rhythm throughout the game and how did that compare to Game 1?
KEVIN DURANT: Like I said, we were just patient throughout the game. We knew that they were going to be physical. We weren't going to get the same looks that we were getting for Game 1. So we just tried to just keep the movement up. You know, when we get the rocks, just try to be as forceful as we can with it and exploit the matchups, as well.

Coach did a great job of calling the game tonight, and Klay came out and made some big shots for us. Andre was amazing in the first quarter. Got us going a bit, and then just kind of controlled the game at the point guard position, and Draymond, as well, doing a good job of pushing the pace in the second half. They got us going, as well.

Q. Talk about just every time Klay touches the ball, do you kind of like feel it's supposed to go in when he's shooting from three? How much have you gotten to know him off the court, his personality, his quirkiness and funniness, humor he has?
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, when he shoots the ball, I'm confident that he'll knock it down. You know, I see him every day putting in work. I see that, you know, just from being around him that he cares so much about winning and about playing the right way.

You know, he wants to do well, so I expect -- I kind of expect it now. I have high expectations for Klay, and everybody else on our team. But if they don't go in, he still has the same mentality.

You know, continue to be aggressive, and that's what you want out of one of your best players. Obviously being around him for two seasons now, get to know him, just appreciate who he is as a person and how he approaches the game of basketball. I just have so much respect for him.

Q. You went 51-30 in rebounds in Game 1 and I think you won again tonight. How vital is that against a team that one of their strengths is on the glass?
KEVIN DURANT: We didn't do a good job in the first half, Rudy got a couple; LaMarcus, he's going to get his offensive rebounds because he's in the paint a lot and he's tough to handle down low.

But we did a good job boxing out. They had nine for the game. We boxed out and once we make them shoot a tough shot, it's going to be a lot of long rebounds and I think guys did a good job of coming in of rebounding and busting out and trying to get a good shot on the other end. They are really good on transition defense, as well. We have to rebound and get it out quick, and I think everybody did a good job.

Q. With all the things that Andre does offensively and defensively, how have you seen that kind of change the complexion with just obviously the starting group he's playing with and to open the game so far in this series?
KEVIN DURANT: I just like his poise. He's a veteran leader for us. A guy that kind of just keeps it real with everybody. I think that's something that we all need. Let's everybody know what we need to be better at.

But, as well, he doesn't have an ego, and whatever you say to him, he's going to try to go out there and do the best job he can do. That's what you want -- that's what we got from everybody on our team, and you know, when he's making shots, it's definitely great for us.

But I think even if he's not making shots, he adds so much value to our team with his energy, his deflections, his rebounds. I've been saying it all year; his passing, driving to the rim and getting hockey assists and that type of stuff that you don't really see on the stat sheet. We appreciate him for it. He's been playing good for us, and you know, but he's been taking care of his body, preparing the right way, working out after practice, before practice, and that's just with our whole team.

So the stuff you guys don't see is the reason why we come out there and continue to keep growing as a team, and I think we're going to need that going forward.

Q. Kevin called yours the quiet 32 points. You just kind of look up and there's 32. Do you take pride in that? Is that something you like to hear, "Kevin Durant, 32."
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, I mean, I'm not a big screamer anymore. I don't beat my chest anymore. So after every shot, I just run down the court and get back on defense. I can make it a loud 32 if I really wanted to, I guess, but that would take a lot of energy out of me (laughter).

I'm not really flashy with how I play anymore. I just try to look for the best shot and be simple and easy with my game. I guess fly under the radar a little bit but I'm glad I can put points on the board for our team and try to help our team as much as I can.

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