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April 14, 2018

Azahara Munoz

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. So a nice bogey-free day to wrap up the tournament. You quietly had a really good week. How do you feel coming out of this week in Hawaii?
AZAHARA MUNOZ: Yeah, I played amazing. To be honest, it's the best ball striking I've had since I can't remember.

So my caddie and I found something at the beginning of the week and it's really been working. I could have made a few more putts, but that's greens are tricky with the wind and they're quite grainy.

So I couldn't complain. I played really well. Especially today.

Q. What do you think you found?
AZAHARA MUNOZ: You know, it's silly, but I been trying to get more swing speed. So I was trying to hit it like quicker, I guess. I got too quick.

This week we just said, It's windy, so the softer you swing the better. That's all I been focusing on, just swing soft, and it's really been working.

That's actually how I used to swing when I was playing really well back in 2014, but then I tried to get a few more yards. I think I need to go back to what I was doing.

Q. What do you do now? You're two strokes behind Brooke Henderson, and still anything can happen.
AZAHARA MUNOZ: Yeah, absolutely. I'm just going to go inside and relax for a little bit and just see what happens.

Q. ...you might be able to win this thing.
AZAHARA MUNOZ: I don't think I ever got the sense that I could win, but I knew I could be close after I made the birdie on the 15th.

Q. Where is your game right now? You're kind of working back to being in contention. We haven't seen you in this position on the leaderboard for almost three years.

Q. Where is your game right now?
AZAHARA MUNOZ: It's really good. I'm hitting the ball the best I can remember. I think I'm back to 2014, as you said. I haven't contend since back then.

But I haven't said anything, but I been going through quite a few health issues, and then I got my surgery, and something else, and my appendix. Everything kept adding up.

Finally I'm feeling really good; I'm healthy. I have my energy back, so I was quite excited about this year. I'm playing really well, so I'm excited to see what I can do.

Q. Can you share with us the health problems or not?
AZAHARA MUNOZ: Yeah, well, I was -- I was just feeling like I have no energy, but I thought that was me. I've always been low on energy. I was getting a lot of anxiety and I started losing a lot hair, and that's when I thought something was really wrong with me.

I went to the dermatologist thinking I was just having anxiety. It turns out I have a really bad thyroid problem and I didn't know.

So thankfully they got it right, but it's taking quite a long time to get the medication up. I had to take quite a lot and they had to increase it slowly.

So, yeah, finally I'm feeling better. I have a lot of energy. Before I was just so rundown I could barely do anything. I think finally I'm feeling how I used to feel, and I'm really excited about that.

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