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April 14, 2018

Kevin Durannt

Draymond Green

Oakland, California: Game One

Game 1

Warriors 113, Spurs 92

Q. What do you think was the key overall to set the kind of tone that you wanted defensively? Right right I think just coming out with the defensive mind-set. You know, the one thing we talked about the last couple days is reestablishing that. We know what it takes to win, and that side of the ball I think with Andre being in the starting lineup, being able to switch so many things also helped. That's been a staple of our defense for years.
You know, we've kind of gotten away from it this season a little bit but to get back to that tonight made a big difference.

KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, I just think we focused in on just trying to win every position on the defensive side of the ball, and then, you know, we weren't worried about the previous possession or the possession that's coming after that. We just try to focus in on guarding our man, switching when we need to, boxing out, finishing a possession and then getting out and running, as well.

We're going to need to be better the next game because we know this team is going to make some huge adjustments and be more aggressive, as well. We're looking forward to playing again?

Q. For either one of you guys, what did you think of JaVale's play on both the defensive and offensive ends, and sort of his maturation during the second half of the season.
KEVIN DURANT: I thought he was good. I thought he was locked in and focused and I think that's just, you know, half the battle with JaVale is just being focused and locked in. And I think he did a good job of just, you know, playing straight-up and contesting shot, and LaMarcus is a great player so he's going to make some tough ones.

But I thought JaVale did a great job of just playing solid all night and also finishing when he got the ball in the pocket, as well and the pick-and-roll. We need him to continue playing this way, as well as guys that have the ball in our hands a lot, me and Draymond, with evident to continue to trust him and encouraging him, as well. Hopefully he continues to play well?

Q. Staying with JaVale, where have you seen him from day one to now?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think that's the most important thing is he's always kind of flying at every shot or possibility of a shot. I mean, you know, throughout the course of the season, but also tonight, he's standing down more, and that doesn't mean he's not going to go for pump-fakes as a shot-blocker, and a guy who plays with that type of energy and athleticism you're going to do that sometimes. But it was very key on LaMarcus tonight that JaVale wasn't going for the shot fakes and putting him at the free throw line. I don't think he ever really found a rhythm because of that.

You know, he's really grown in that area. Great job. You know, kudos to him, you know, for locking in and focusing the way he has and to grow in that area.

Q. For either of you, what do you think about home court atmosphere and the fan support tonight?
KEVIN DURANT: It was amazing. Definitely louder than they are all day -- fans were out and really excited for playoff basketball, you could tell, and we fed off it, as well. We are going to need them to continue to be loud the rest of this series, because we really enjoy that and we really feed off of it, and you can tell when guys came in, we felt that support.

Q. You guys, Klay just said that absolutely you guys wanted to come out and make a statement in Game 1 to just show the kind of team you are. After the way you played down the stretch, what's your take on that and what you were able to do?
DRAYMOND GREEN: We're a championship ballclub. We know what it takes this time of year in order to win. You know, we want to get back to that, regardless of what everyone is saying, the Warriors have lost it; they are not together; they can't win without Steph, they are not the same team, blasé, blasé, blasé, blah, blah, blah.

We know what we're capable of. You know, there has been games that we've won without Steph; a series. Same as Kevin, myself; we've won games without myself. We've won games without Klay. We've won games without our head coach.

So we're primed for this. I think a lot of people have tend to forgot what we're capable of. We know, and we're going to show that.

Q. Can you talk about how you facilitate the team and how you guys get going?
KEVIN DURANT: Well, the passes, you see somebody open and you just try to trust that they will make the shot, like in a pick-and-roll, like I said earlier, JaVale did a good job of catching and finishing. I have to be better in the pick-and-roll, they get their hands a little in the pocket a little bit when I today the ball town there. I have to be conscious of that the next game.

But when we get stops and when we get on a run, I think that opens up the floor for us and guys been knocking down shots. Klay has a lot of assists tonight with his shot making and hopefully that continues. We just continue to be aggressive, put pressure on the rim and make good plays either way.

Q. Another question about the assists. Iguodala technically was the point guard but you led the team in assists. Do you feel you need to carry a larger role with Curry out in this series?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think even with Steph in, us two handle the ball a lot. We know that we have a lot of weapons around us, and you know, we try to make plays for everyone else.

And so regardless if Steph is in or Steph is out or Andre is at the point, just the way our offense is ran, we all handle the ball. We move the basketball and that's a staple in our offense.

You know, sometimes it's not even to pass to get an assist; it's passing to move the ball on but you play with great players like Kevin, great players like Klay, JaVale finishing at the rim, Andre knocking down shots. Sometimes you just stumble upon assists because you play with such great players. But nonetheless, we're always looking to find our guys and try to put them in the best position to be success. As well?

Q. Do you need to change your approach?
KEVIN DURANT: Not at all. Steph in, Steph out, we still run the same stuff. I still get in pick-and-roll. Maybe the volume just went up a little bit more. About you throughout the season, Draymond averaged, what seven assists; I averaged five assists; Steph averaged six assists. Dray felt like he averaged five or six assists, but coming off the bench he passed the ball a lot.

It's not just one guy who has the ball all the time and making all the plays. I think that's the beauty of our team; that all of us can go off and score 30 or get eight, nine assists or grab 11 rebounds. That's just the beauty of our team, and all of us chip in when it comes to facilitating and orchestrating.

Q. Kevin, there's so many games that Klay has performances like this where he's scoring, even though he's not touching the ball a lot and really cashing in on catch-and-shoot. What's the science of being able to perfect that area so well as a shooter?
KEVIN DURANT: Well, there's the time that you guys don't see, the work that he puts in when nobody's watching. Be able to come out here and produce that way is because of, you know, his will to be better and to continue to fine tune his skills.

That's what basketball is all about, when guys are at practice and late-night work outs or not under the lights. That's when you kind of cook up and work on that type of stuff and Klay has been one of those guys that has been always a gym rat. You know tomorrow he's going to be the same way, working on his game and hopefully we all continue to keep working and getting better as the series goes on. That's what it's about.

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