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April 14, 2018

JaVale McGee

Oakland, California: Game One

Game 1

Warriors 113, Spurs 92

Q. JaVale, in two years here, how much better have you gotten, specifically on the skill of staying down on pump-fakes?
JaVALE McGEE: In two years here, how much better have you gotten in specifically staying down on pump-fakes. I mean, I don't know if it's two years here, but just in general, I've gotten better in staying down on pump- fakes.

When I was younger of course, I was slightly more athletic so I used to go for everything. Definitely am more focused on -- well, not that people are pump faking me more, if not, so I'm definitely more focused on staying down and trying to affect the shot more in a smarter way I guess.

Q. JaVale, has this season in a sense felt like a roller coaster ride for you? A couple months ago, your name was on the trading block you and just had one of the best performances of your playoff career.
JaVALE McGEE: I mean, yeah, definitely a roller coaster but you have to take that in stride. This isn't the craziest thing that's ever happened in my life. I'm not -- it's not anything that I'm not -- I wasn't prepared for.

You have to know, especially with this team, like your time will come and you never know. Like next series, I might not play at all and I'm not going to sit there and pout. I'm going to be the same way I am. That's the way it is on this team, especially until the center position. You have to be ready when your time is called.

Q. Steve kept his starting center a pretty closely guarded secret from us before the game. When did you learn and what was your reaction?
JaVALE McGEE: I knew in -- I mean, I already knew, but we definitely weren't going to tell everybody else who was starting because we didn't know who they were starting yet.

Oh, what my reaction was. I was prepared. I was just preparing mentally for LaMarcus, who is an amazing scorer on offensive players. That's what it really was and we still have another game here in the Oracle and we have two to go in San Antonio, so you still have to stay focused, especially going there.

Q. What do you think was the key overall in the spark and defensive intensity, looking at your own contributions and the rest of the team?
JaVALE McGEE: Like they say, staying down on pump-fakes and just making them -- forcing them to shoot tough shots. That's the thing about it. You can force them to shoot tough shots and you get the rebound, and when we get going on that offensive end on fast break, we're damn near unstoppable.

Q. You talk about going for makes and everything, but Aldridge one time had a low block in the second quarter, looked like he gave you three head fakes. How did you know he was going to go up on No. 4?
JaVALE McGEE: When you're in the game, it's like timing. You really don't -- it's not something like you can prepare for. You just have to wait, and it worked out for me I guess.

Q. When you're so locked in in rhythm on the defensive end, do you think that helps spark your offense?
JaVALE McGEE: Oh, yeah, definitely, especially with us. And then you've got to think about the Warriors have always been great on defense if anything and have always been on the top five in defense, at least in these championship runs.

So we definitely when we play good defense, our offense, that Sparks our offense, for sure.

Q. But for you specifically.
JaVALE McGEE: For me specifically, yes, definitely, when I get a blocked shot, it kind of gives me a little boost to run up and down the floor and maybe get a lob or go and get an offensive rebound, tap it out. I just really work often energy, so I just try to keep my energy up.

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