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April 14, 2018

Manu Ginobili

Oakland, California: Game One

Game 1

Warriors 113, Spurs 92

Q. Manu, what were they able to do to kind of get going defensively right away to take you guys out of what you wanted to do?
MANU GINOBILI: Well, they are a very good defensive team, and they started with a lineup of very athletic, long wings, and they switch everything, and they are always very good at switching back when you have a mismatch and rotate, and with their athleticism, they are able to rotate properly.

So first quarter, we couldn't score. You know, offensively, they are always a threat because of the type of players they have. So I think the first quarter, the problem was offensively, for sure.

Then we fueled them, also, with some silly mistakes that against a team like them, you can't make, so perfect storm.

Q. Were you surprised that they changed the starting lineup they had been starting Cook and they put Iguodala in there. Did that have any impact on the start? Were you surprised by it?
MANU GINOBILI: We had been struggling against them offensively with or without Cook, with or without Steph, with whoever they have because they are good. They are smart. They are athletic. They rotate quick, as I said.

You know, we were expecting Cook to start but it's not that it changed that much. Bottom line is that they played much better than us. We were not as ready to face a team like them, and we were not as attentive on the switches, on the ups and downs or almost any type of situation like that, and you know, Durant and Clay got away from us, like many times, way too many times.

Q. What can you even do about Clay in a game like this when I think he had 27 points on 13 shots, he's shooting off-balance right when he catches it. How tough is that to guard and can you do anything about it?
MANU GINOBILI: We made a few mistakes that help him to get off, but there are sometimes that he's shooting some ridiculous shots; he hasn't even turned to see the rim and he made them.

So you know against them, it can happen and it can happen with Durant, too. So things that you've got to take. What you can't do is make the mistakes we made on switches and we gave them layups and transition points.

We didn't turn the ball over. That's the good point of our game but overall, they were just so much better in every aspect of the game that we had no shot. Even without clay having a great night like that. So it was a very poor performance.

Q. You guys had been in this situation before. Steve just said it; beaten by the Rockets last year in Game 1, bounced back, four out of the next five. Taking from that experience, what do you need to do in Game 2 and what has to happen mindset wise?
MANU GINOBILI: We've got to regroup. Feel hurt, upset, kind of desperate. We don't want to go home 0-2.

But at the same time, we've got to be smarter. We've got to watch a video, see the mistakes we made, and try to act accordingly.

Offensively, we're going to have to move the ball better, sharper. Be more aggressive and see what happens. We understand that we are not favorites. We are underdogs. We talked about it, and to get a win here, we've got to over achieve. We've got to do better than we think we can do even. So we'll fight as hard as we can in Game 2.

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