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April 13, 2018

Mo Martin

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. So you're only one stroke back.

Q. The tide turned. How do you feel?
MO MARTIN: I feel exhausted. You know, when the winds switch it plays a totally different golf course. To have played here now for six years. Let's see, we started in --

Q. This is the seventh.
MO MARTIN: Oh, this is the seventh. Okay, so I've been here seven years. It's like I've only played a couple rounds with the winds going this way. Mentally you kind of got to get used to a different golf course. It was a little bit tiring.

But, yeah, I got it turned around with an eagle there. That was super fun. Hit three really good shots there.

Yeah, just started off didn't hit my approach shots as well as I wanted to in the beginning. Again, super strange, I had little tiny wedges into the first holes, which I'm not used to.

Q. Wind helping you there?
MO MARTIN: Yeah, the wind, it was straight down and it's usually straight into or into left to right. So, again, just getting adjusted. It's always a pleasure to play with Brooke. We had some good fans and good cheering out there. Look forward to tomorrow.

Q. Tell us about the eagle. What clubs did you use and distances?
MO MARTIN: I hit a good driver, and then I had -- I think I had 200 and 205 to the pin. Yeah, I threw that away. It was roughly 205, with -- I mean, no wind I would consider hitting a 3-wood, but downwind 3-wood was going to be way too much.

I said, Yeah, it's not 3-wood. Craig made me laugh. He said, There is no way you're hitting a 3-wood. He basically said, I'm going to tackle you before you hit a 3-wood here. So I was laughing actually, so I grabbed a 5. Had to step on it just a little bit, and I did; hit it perfect.

Actually kind of started walking after I hit it because I couldn't waiting to go see what it was. Reminiscent of the British, actually.

Q. Exactly. They showed it on the broadcast.
MO MARTIN: That shot?

Q. Yes.
MO MARTIN: Oh, my God. Both I walked forward, I mean, for different reasons. That one I knew it was perfect. The 3-wood I needed to look. But I hit both perfect, so, yeah.

Q. You've always been a good wind player. That brings it out in you.
MO MARTIN: Yeah, I enjoy playing in the wind. It was almost no wind at the end, which, again, was weird. And then having the exact opposite winds as forecasted was a little bit strange.

Yeah, just plays as a very different golf course.

Q. Uh-huh. I've had a couple people blame it on Friday the 13th today. Just an odd day.
MO MARTIN: It is. It's a sad day. I just heard what happened in sear row a.

Q. Uh-huh?
MO MARTIN: It's terrible.

Q. To finish up over here, up and down from front the green there, how important was that to keep the momentum going into tomorrow?
MO MARTIN: You know, yeah. Just obviously makes dinner taste better. Making a good par save. It's just a great finishing hole, but a very tough hole.

The greens are pretty much rock hard right now, so just got to be careful. I was in the rough, so even with a 7-iron there's no way I could hold that green. Just like you saw Brooke going over behind it; gets a little testy, too.

Yeah, just course management. As a veteran, that's what I have to pride myself on.

Q. Looked for a while like Brooke might run away with this. How has the outlook changed now that you're just one back?
MO MARTIN: Yeah, I mean, it's much more exciting for me. It's probably more exciting for the fans. She's got a lot of support, a lot of fans. So it's nice that she was playing well in the beginning, and I hope it's just some good golf all the way around tomorrow. I hope we go on birdie streaks and make it exciting.

Q. When she was doing that, is it in your mind just to stay steady?
MO MARTIN: Yeah, you can't pay too much attention to what anybody else is doing good or bad. I find it nice to see good golf. That's what we're all trying to do. I think I do a really good job of not comparing myself to other people and just managing the course and, you know, having fun when I can.

Life is short.

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