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April 13, 2018

Inbee Park

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. So overall a pretty good round for you with one exception, hole No. 8. Tell us about your round today.
INBEE PARK: Today everything just didn't really work that well I should say. I just feel like I was a little bit cursed. Maybe the Friday the 13th, I feel like.

A lot of missed opportunities. Feel like I hit it pretty solid, but just nothing really wanted to drop. It was just that kind of day where you just feel like a couple really bad clubs off the tee.

Yeah, just -- yeah, just missed opportunities. I don't know what else to say.

Q. How do you regroup from that going into the final day? Brooke just had her own. He just doubled a hole. You're within three strokes of the lead now.
INBEE PARK: Okay. Well, yeah, I mean, last couple days I didn't have much error, but today I definitely had mistake on No. 8 there with the wrong club.

The opposite today was the wind was totally the opposite. It was really confusing. Some holes I was going into the wind I couldn't really judge the distances. I mean, I don't think I ever played this wind before on this course for like five, six years coming here.

I think that really got me and my caddie. Just a weird day. I still feel like I have an opportunity tomorrow. Just give myself a lot of opportunities at a birdie and try to convert them a little bit more.

I mean, haven't made much mistakes this week at all, but just not enough birdies, I should say. Four, three, three. I think there is definitely a few out there, especially with today. Three of the par-5s -- three of the four was reachable and I didn't convert them into birdies.

Q. No one really had a crazy low round today. I wonder if part of it was the wind. It just kept changing. It was up and down and this way and that way.

Q. How does that ring with you mentally?
INBEE PARK: I mean, usually I just pick a club and just go. I never really back away from the ball. Today I think few times I like back away from the ball trying to go like in between the clubs. I couldn't make my decision out there. Like so confused today.

Yeah, I thought it was just me, but maybe some other girls had some problems today as well just being because it's just different to what we usually play.

Yeah, the wind was really inconsistent today. On and off and on and off. That was the tough part, I think.

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