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April 12, 2018

Mo Martin

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. That's a great way to spend a day in Hawaii.
MO MARTIN: It is, I know. I'm feeling the aloha spirit here. Yeah, having a fun week. Staying with -- there are three Bruins in the house and an honorary Bruin.

Q. Who are you staying with?
MO MARTIN: Tiffany Joh, Maria Uribe, and Vicky Hurst. She's our honorary. So Bruins and Kooks (phonetic). It's a good mix.

Yeah, no, I just love playing in the wind. It was challenging yesterday in the afternoon. Wind picked up quite a bit. That's always brings out my creativity. Yeah, just enjoying the course. I always enjoy coming here.

Yeah, I've had some good finishes here before, so just building on that and getting into the momentum of the season.

Q. Feel like you had a little bit of an advantage going out in the morning today? Course a little bit soft?
MO MARTIN: Totally depends. The greens are the firmest I've ever played on, and I've played every year since 2012. The greens are really firm, so even firm in the morning.

I think I it's going to actually be pretty fair. It was pretty windy yesterday morning, and it looks like it's not going to be as windy this afternoon.

So it's probably going to play pretty even, which is unusual, especially being in a windy course. I think it'll be -- depends. We'll see. We had a few showers out there, just real light.

Yeah, I just think the one thing that's different this year is the greens are firm.

Q. Anything you did in the break after ANA that maybe set you up for what you've done these first couple days?
MO MARTIN: You know, I've been playing -- feel like I've been playing really well all year. I didn't play my best at Kia and ANA, but I had a great time, great Easter with my family. That always rejuvenates me.

Saw my club fitter, of course, and he always get me tuned up. No, same stuff. Just had a nice little break, and going to play a four-week stretch and have a nice summer to look forward to. One of my best friends is getting married, so going to Prague.

Yeah, lots to look forward to. Playing well and looking forward to going into the weekend in a good position.

Q. You mentioned you played well here. Do you get excited a little bit? Were you excited coming out to Hawaii and getting to come back on this course?
MO MARTIN: Yeah, it's super nice. I wish we were staying here for a couple weeks, but I came in early and went scuba diving, so took advantage of that. Maho, Maria, is also a scuba diver, so we're both certified. I think we're the only two certified players out here.

Actually, my scuba instructor came and watched. There he is in the hat. He's watched every hole I've played so far, so I need to keep him around. He's going to miss a few dives unfortunately. I'm going to make him stay.

Just take advantage of everything Hawaii has to offer. Going to go swim with the turtles later. Yeah, just really appreciate being here.

Q. I want to ask you about the work you've done. You've raised some money for this thing in Zambia.

Q. $15,000.

Q. Is the plan to double it now, or how far are you trying to get there?
MO MARTIN: Yeah, a good friends of mine encouraged me to go for a second one and we're already into the second one, so that would be two villages.

I am going to go in December and visit either one or two villages if we get the second one funded. I think it's a big transformation, and I can't imagine $15,000 affecting more people.

Q. Yeah.
MO MARTIN: You know, and it's -- each well lasts 20 years, so it affects generations. It gives young girls an opportunity to go to school. Some of the villages are able to get the water combined with the dirt to form clay bricks so then they have something to sell, something to build with, and then they have clean water. They're healthier. Girls are going to school.

It just transforms the whole village. Betsy is doing really good work. She has been. Yeah, so just blessed to be part of that.

Q. That's really cool. I was reading the release and it talked about a trip to Cambodia.

Q. Was what the inspiration for that trip in the first place?
MO MARTIN: Oh, that was just -- so my rookie year, at the end of the year it's based on money. I wasn't in all of them. Korea is usually the hardest field to get into, like the tightest field, so I missed that by a couple spots.

So instead of coming back to California, I just decided to stay in Asia. A friend of mine had recently gone to Cambodia, and she said, You got to go there and see Angkor Wat, see a sunrise there. So it was just kind of a bucket list thing.

But just seeing the poverty there is just a much different level than the United States. We have facilities here. If you don't have money and you're homeless or mentally ill like we have resources here.

But in Cambodia, I mean, I saw naked kids picking grass. If you have a job, that's $30 a month. Like it's just way different competitive. So that really affected me. You can talk about it all you want. We definitely have poverty in the U.S. that needs to be addressed, too, but we have -- we're really lucky to have resources as Americans as a whole.

Q. Did you go to Zambia?
MO MARTIN: No, but that will change in December.

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