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April 12, 2018

Pernilla Lindberg

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. So you had another solid round for you out there; putting together another two rounds to make the cut. How are you feeling right now?
PERNILLA LINDBERG: I'm feeling really good. Today it's a little bit of a funny feeling. Finishing, I mean, it doesn't feel that I had that good of a day because I just started so good early on, and then I kind of didn't stay at that hot.

But 4-under is a great round any day. I just wish I could have finished a little bit better on my back nine. But, no, I'm in a great position going into the last two days.

Q. Talk us through the hot streak. You did have a quite hot hand early.
PERNILLA LINDBERG: Yeah, I hit it in close, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15. Probably the longest birdie putt I holed out of those was maybe on 14. I probably had ten feet. So hit it in close and really took advantage of it. Rolled them all in.

Obviously it's pretty calm our front nine, so probably right around when we made the turn it actually was raining on us, on No. 1, our 10th hole. That's kind of when the wind picked up, too.

So obviously it did get a little tougher. I gave myself plenty of chance on the back nine, too, but they just didn't drop there.

Q. When did you feel your game really starting to come into gear?
PERNILLA LINDBERG: So Kia was kind of a turning point. If you look at my score in Phoenix it was awful, but the score -- I was closer than the score showed I feel like.

I missed the cut there, and my coach flew in Friday night to Phoenix. We got to work that weekend, and then Kia every day I felt better and better about my game.

Then obviously my week at ANA, it's hard not to leave that week with some confidence.

Q. And how do you balance that out? Taking the confidence from ANA, but I guess at some point you do have to put it behind you.
PERNILLA LINDBERG: Yes, exactly. You know, I feel like as soon as I tee'd it up this week, as soon I'm out there, I'm just back to being Pernilla the golfer. I'm just in the present. I just take the good with me, the confidence with me, but at the same time, I don't put more pressure on myself. I don't have more expectations.

I just treat it like a new day every day.

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