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April 12, 2018

Martina Edberg

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. Great round. Great way to kick off off your LPGA career here.

Q. Tell us about your round today. How did you feel?
MARTINA EDBERG: Well, I didn't have much expectation, but I like course when I played on Monday.

After that, I started out here with a birdie and then I made a little longer putt and I felt, Try to capitalize on this.

You know, it's not any different than I've played before. It's just different players. I think just got to play your game, you know.

Q. Were there any nerves on the first tee?
MARTINA EDBERG: You know, actually, these girls that I ended up with, they're really nice. I knew Katie's caddie from before so I felt really calm. I was just happy with the pairing actually.

Didn't feel any different than -- you know, I saw (indiscernible) at Q-School, so it was just like a normal day. I like the course.

Like I said, I made those two birdies and I felt, Okay, I need to catch the wave here. So, yeah, that's what happened.

Q. Playing at Fullerton, right?
MARTINA EDBERG: Uh-huh, yeah.

Q. Did you play much in Hawaii?
MARTINA EDBERG: Yeah, we were here three times actually, so I knew it was going to be windy. I knew it was a lot of grain. The grass out here I knew it from before. I think we stayed here somewhere close to this place.

I mean, I feel pretty comfortable here, so it was nice. But I've also built up this whole year trying to play well here.

So, I mean, it's just the first day, but this is a goal. Just got to go after it and try to move up the leaderboard.

Q. Did you play this course in college?
MARTINA EDBERG: No, I actually didn't. I thought it I did because we stayed at Ko Olina, but, no, I haven't played on this one.

Q. Played on what, Maui or...
MARTINA EDBERG: We were -- we played ^ oops at Liahleah (phonetic) (Hialeah possibly?) Or something like that. I know we were at Maui one year. And then we played Kapalua out there, and then I can't remember the other place.

Q. Pretty nice place to start your LPGA career.
MARTINA EDBERG: Yeah, I know. My parents are here and it's nice. I feel comfortable with Josh. It worked out he was with me in Beaumont last week.

Played pretty good. Just didn't get the numbers in, you know, but it felt steady already then, even though I was 1, 2-over.

But, yeah.

Q. Is Josh on your bag full time now?
MARTINA EDBERG: Well, depends only what happens here. I mean, I can't offer him anything full time right now, but after this week maybe. That's a goal.

Q. You mentioned some anticipation. Was there a lot of buildup coming in?
MARTINA EDBERG: No. I mean, I actually still see this as an opportunity. I have nothing to lose basically. I'm still just conditional status, and so far just got to -- you know, it's the first day, like I said, but it's an opportunities for me to do something and just move up.

If I can catch it, that's perfect. If not, there are other opportunities. Yeah.

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