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April 11, 2018

Julieta Granada

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. So that was a really good round out there. Good to see your name at the top of the leaderboard. How did you feel walking off the golf course?
JULIETA GRANADA: Yeah, I'm super happy with my round. Obviously had to Monday qualify to have a tee time, and just making the best out of the chance that I got.

Yeah, I'm super happy with my game. I just managed my ball, like just kept it in play all around, and I'm happy.

Q. How was the wind affecting you out there? Was the wind affecting you? Because it's quite speedy today.
JULIETA GRANADA: Yeah, the greens are definitely faster. They were just bouncing a lot more than the practice rounds that I had, so took a little bit of adjustments and some club selection.

But yeah, I just tried to manage my starting line and hope for the best.

Q. Let's go back to that Monday qualifier. We got to call it a Sunday qualifier.

Q. That was quite a playoff there. What, you birdied the 3rd hole to get in? Tell me about the playoff there with Xiyu Lin.
JULIETA GRANADA: Yeah, we played together, too, so I had a really good round going. I knew where she was and she knew where I was. Unfortunately Min shot a little bit lower so we had to go in a playoff.

Yeah, just stayed patient in the playoff. She gave me a chance on the 1st hole and I gave her a chance on the 2nd hole. I was super pumped to be able to make a putt that means something to get into the tournament.

Yeah, I was super happy.

Q. I know you've been battling right now to make it into some tournaments. Had to feel good to make it in this week.
JULIETA GRANADA: Yeah, for sure. I mean, it's a late start of the year. I put the myself in this position. I don't have a full card, so I'm just grinding my way back and working hard on any game mentally and just enjoying the opportunities that I get.

So you kind of look at it a different way when you don't have a chance to start in every tournament. I been on both sides, so I learned to appreciate what I have a little bit more.

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