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April 7, 2018

Justin Thomas

Augusta, Georgia

Q. How would you assess your play out there today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I played well. I think I hit 17 greens, which, to only shoot 2‑under is a little disappointing. Putter just didn't feel good in my hands again today. I had hit a couple good putts that I under read or misread, but for the most part I just wasn't hitting my lines at the start. So it's pretty hard to do that or make putts out here, because you have to play a lot of break and they get off line quickly and it's hard to make up for it.

Q. Is that frustrating when you're hitting the ball so well to not make putts and other guys are going low today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's definitely frustrating. The first couple of days I could have got away with it, 2‑under would have been a good score. But today it's not going to make up much ground, especially with the guys at the top of the leaderboard playing well and being softer conditions. But it is what it is, there's nothing I can really do about it now.

Q. How big of a difference was the course from the first two days to today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: A big difference. It played a little longer, just because it was cooler. I unfortunately kept going through some of those holes over water when it was starting to rain a little bit, that was a bummer, but it just, this cool air the ball doesn't travel like it was when it was hot the first couple days. But the greens were really firm for Thursday and Friday, so hopefully they can get some good weather the rest of the day and tomorrow as well and we can get a little bit of firmness back.

Q. You picked your first Major last year, Patrick finished second to you. Playing pretty well this week. Are you surprised to see what he's doing here this week?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Not really, you're not really surprised when any of the top players play well because there's a reason they're a top player. He's obviously hot this week and making a lot of putts‑‑ and he's a great putter‑‑ so you get him on greens this good, he can get it rolling. But, and I'm sure he's going to tell you the same thing, he's only three days into it, he's got one left.

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