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April 7, 2018

Adam Scott

Augusta, Georgia

Q. A few misses here and there today. It probably feels that close today, doesn't it?
ADAM SCOTT: Today I played really good tee to green. I played all right the first two days, but it didn't feel easy. Today it feels like how I wished I would have done Thursday. And then of course I missed a few putts today that you really should make and turned a really good round into just an okay one, especially with good conditions out there. I thought I would shoot a good score, it's playing all right today. But it felt a bit better to play good tee to green. I like how I felt. But it's not going to do much, really.

Q. When you get to that number, what brings you back tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, yeah, I have lots to play for. I've got to try and get some momentum going my way. And today it was nearly there, it was a couple of putts from ‑‑ amazing how much better a 68 feels than a 70, even if you're out of the mix ‑‑ and I need to start seeing some of that, because you just look at my scores, every round is like 70 to 73 or something this year. It's not horrible and it's not good, it's just average. I would like to kind of turn that around. So tomorrow will be a good chance for me to go out, if we have nice conditions, and shoot a good score and leave here feeling like I'm a bit of a golfer.

Q. If Leishman finishes the round in as good a position as he is now, what sort of advice would you give him if he is in the final group or if he's in with a red hot chance tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: Keep doing the same stuff. I think that there's going to be good scores this afternoon, unless the weather drastically changes. So now the course is soft and slow and every hole feels downwind on the back nine, so it's playing short. So guys are going to shoot good numbers and if he manages to post a good score today, he should just feel good about himself being in that position. He played right into the hands Sunday here in 2013 with me, until late in the day, and then he was in an Open Championship playoff since then. I mean, he knows what he's doing. I don't have words of wisdom for him, he just has to play his own game at that point and assess when you're going to take the chance, if you need to.

Q. There was a showing of a picture of him behind you when you were celebrating and fist pumping. Do you remember what he might have said to you after?
ADAM SCOTT: No, not really. I mean I think he said, I think he said, I think you high‑fived me a little bit hard, because he still had a 4‑footer and his hand was ringing a little bit. So something like that. But it's one of the great photos, I mean it shows‑‑ I've said it a million times‑‑ Leish is a great bloke, so I would be quite happy if he were able to win.

Q. (No Microphone.)
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely, it would be amazing to see another Aussie win.

Q. He spoke about it yesterday and about what that last round, playing with you and seeing how, what it takes to win. Have you guys spoken much about that, not specifically the fist pump, but that day?
ADAM SCOTT: Not in depth, but it was interesting to hear some of his comments, because obviously I was trying to stay focused, but he felt it was a good time to have a chat with me at the 17th fairway and keep me loose. So that was good. And we were just really talking more about an Aussie winning at that point, so it was all positive stuff. And it did the trick for me coming up the last. But nothing much more than that. And he mentioned that I might have high‑fived him a little bit hard on the last green.

Q. Have you appreciated his career, especially the last four years as he's really established himself as one of the best players sort of without a Major and what do you think of his career, sort of the last 12 months, especially.
ADAM SCOTT: Well I certainly think that he's just hitting the prime of his career, which is not unusual for guys in their early 30's to find their kind of rhythm on the golf course and you play very smart. He's using his experience, he knows what he can and can't do. He's got a lot of experience behind him. And I think that if you're ever in that conversation of a great player not to win a Major, somehow you have to take it as a compliment because you're considered that you have the ability to win one.

Q. When you have won here when you played late on Sundays here, what are the emotions like when you tee up early on a Saturday?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, when I teed off and it was raining and kind of awful I was hopeful of a really great round and worse weather to come and my chances might still be alive for that storm and, you know, I mean, it's just the best, even struggling to make the cut, I feel so good that I get to play two more rounds here and I enjoy it all thoroughly. As much as you struggle with a shot or a chip or a putt here or there, the challenge of shooting a good score around here is really, really rewarding if you do.

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