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April 7, 2018

Jim Courier

Jack Sock

Ryan Harrison

Nashville, Tennessee


5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 6-4

USA - 3, Belgium - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It's been over a decade since the U.S. has won the Davis Cup. How much would it mean to you guys to see this all the way through?
RYAN HARRISON: Meant a lot. We were really excited to play, play here in Nashville. We felt the energy was great all week. We really wanted to come through.

It's a big goal of ours to represent the country well and to put together a good Davis Cup performance. We're excited to have the opportunity to play in the semifinals.

Definitely not going to look ahead. We want to take this next match. We know we have all the weapons to get through if we play well. We're going to do what we can to fight through to the final.

Q. Jack, taking you back to the second set. 5-All, you had 15-40 on your serve. You came up with a huge shot. Do you remember that shot? How did you feel at that moment in trouble with your serve?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, I remember it now. Wasn't maybe feeling my serve the best today. But like we talked about on the bench, I was trying to make a high first-serve percentage, look for my biggest shot, which is the forehand. That was a good shot at that moment, at that stage.

Usual play for me in doubles, if the guy brings it across, I can whip it down the line, hit a volley, uncomfortable volley, or it's a winner. I kind of stuck with what I had there, my usual play, and it paid off.

Q. As players who do prioritize singles, talk about what it's like to play doubles when you have the winning match on your racquet.
RYAN HARRISON: It's definitely a different sort of feeling because a lot of times when we play doubles, we're playing in a tournament where singles is the priority, and doubles can be a little bit more of a practice feel rather than a lot of pressure.

I think Davis Cup, I don't know, Jack can confirm this, at least for me Davis Cup is the most intense I ever feel playing doubles. Juggling that sort of, I guess, difference in the way I normally play doubles is just something that Captain Courier and my partner Jack just were helping me talk about the different ways to calm down, try different things to be successful.

We really felt like on the return it was a battle out there. But we knew we were holding comfortably, so we just stayed tough knowing if it came down to a couple points, we wanted to be able to capitalize on those, and we were able to.

Q. What surprised you the most about this team you played today?
JACK SOCK: I mean, we didn't know a whole lot going in. We did as much scouting as we could. I thought they served extremely well, especially in the first couple sets. They were hitting their spots. I think the lefty player, Vliegen, maybe missed two first serves on my side for a set and a half. They were serving well, knocking off volleys well, hitting angles. They were just playing solid doubles. They play together a lot, so we knew it was going to be tough.

We weren't firing on all cylinders, per se, for the first little while. I think, yeah, once we got to the second set tiebreak, we settled town a little bit. One set all instead of down two sets, we were kind of able to go after our shots more.

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