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May 28, 2004

Colin Montgomerie


COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I played the inward half in four under both days so that is eight under for the inward nine, it's just the front nine that has gone all wrong but never mind.

Q. Is that just a concentration thing?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes. There is nothing wrong with the golf.

Q. You're still there.


Not that far behind. Doing okay. That was good today. Andy (Forsyth) was a real help today on the bag. He has been super over the last month. Vital to have someone like that because I went back to level par and the cut at the start of the day was looking like being two under. We had to get two birdies out there and we did very well. Dropped two more shots but got six more birdies which was a good effort. He has been great.

Q. In what way specifically has he helped?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I go off and he sees me go away. I am off somewhere, off in a different world and he gets me back focusing on what I am supposed to do.

Q. Coming into the week do you think about what you have to do to qualify for the majors?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Not at all. Haven't thought about it at all. Hasn't even passed my mind.

Q. What figure will win?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Double it and add two so 18 under will win this. I have now got to shoot a couple of 65s. We have done that before and just have to put them together. Couple of 65s won't be far away.

Q. Any big shots?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I happened to birdie 13 again. Hit a five iron in this time and holed it from 30 foot. Played the hole in five and most people do that in one round. I've done that in two rounds which helps. The 13th is one of the most difficult out here so that has been a bonus. But just trying to do things properly and it is not clicking in yet. But I have to play my way out of this I've been told. Everyone tells me this is the right thing to do. I have been advised to do what I am doing and I'm playing golf. We will see what happens. If it doesn't happen this week I am off to Wales next week and then Scotland the week after that and then we see. It will take time. My expectations are low, very, very low. It will take time but the first win will be most important.

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