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April 6, 2018

Haotong Li

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Was the course any tougher?
HAOTONG LI: I think it's the course being tougher and I played all right, actually, but I had a couple doubles, just seemed to be like in the wrong position, and it's kind of like no shot. So I just take that and that was what happened. The back nine was better.

Q. What did you hit at 10?
HAOTONG LI: I hit 3‑wood and 7‑iron and tried to be aggressive on the line and just left it a little bit short, caught the front edge and went all the way back, like 30 yards back. I was quite lucky, one bounce and it bounced in.

Q. You couldn't see it from where you were, could you?
HAOTONG LI: I couldn't.

Q. When you turned the front nine what was going through your mind? After the great day yesterday, you had a tough first nine, what were you thinking and after you made the chip on 10, did your mood change, what happened?
HAOTONG LI: Well on the front nine, even though I made two bogeys in a row I just felt like I played all right, just had a couple bad breaks. And even those couple doubles actually wasn't like real bad doubles, so.

Q. Are you happy with your position going into the weekend? Is it better than what you expected, what you expected or are you just kind of where you want to be?
HAOTONG LI: Better than I expected. Actually, I just wanted to make the cut first because you never know here what can happen, someone could shoot a really good score and you never know on the weekend.

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