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April 6, 2018

Justin Thomas

Augusta, Georgia

Q. After 36 holes, six birdies on the day, three straight on the back nine. Tell me about your day.
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was a good day, it was solid, nothing crazy, nothing out of the ordinary, I just tried to stay patient versus how I finished yesterday, and understand that the back nine, although I didn't play it well yesterday, you can make a lot of birdies where you can kind of get on a little run. We had a little bit of a tweener there on 13 in going for it and not and I just feel like it's a really hard wedge shot to that pin, so I think hitting it on that green and making an easy birdie was a big turn to the round.

Q. What was the difference in your game today versus yesterday?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It wasn't a lot. I didn't, I drove it pretty similarly. I didn't iron it as well yesterday and I didn't putt it as well. So I had a lot of opportunities after my tee shots to get it around the hole and I just didn't hit very good iron shots, or I would hit 25, 30 feet, and those are hard to make every single hole out here. So again, that 7th hole I've hit two beautiful drives and made two bad bogeys with a gap wedge and a sand wedge in my hand, so hopefully I'll figure that out tomorrow.

Q. Are you aware of what's going on out on the course around you as you start climbing up the leaderboard?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, for sure. You always want to see your name on that big board, because that means you're doing something right and I was glad to see I got thrown up there later in the day.

Q. Are you aware of who else is on the board and where they are and where you are in relationship to them?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, it's pretty hard to look up there. If you're only looking at your self and you can't see the rest of them, that would be a pretty tremendous gift. But, no, I mean they were there every single hole, so it's hard not to look at. I'll probably do a little bit more watching this weekend, but hopefully come Sunday I'll see my name up there.

Q. What's your mental approach as you approach tomorrow, you know there's going to be bad weather and there's currently six strokes between you and Patrick and five or six players?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Well with the weather you never know what's going to happen. It can say it's going to be bad, but whatever it's going to be is what everyone is going to deal with, myself included. So I'm not going to sleep tonight thinking tomorrow's going to be this or that, I'm just going to go try to get some good rest and give whatever the golf course gives me.

Q. Finally, after 36 holes, your final thought as you walk away tonight?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I'm happy to finally shoot a round in the 60s here in tournament competition.

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