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April 6, 2018

Shubhankar Sharma

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Another tough round on this course, but some thoughts on the round?
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: Yeah, I thought I played really well today. It was really windy out there and that's why you don't see too many low scores today. So I thought I played pretty good, just missed a few putts. Until the end I kept on fighting and it just didn't go my way, but I'm proud of how I played.

Q. Tell me about the 9th. The ball rolled back, cost you a bit.
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: Yeah, the 9th hole, I actually hit a good shot, the wind just died on me. It was coming in from the right and I had about 160 to the pin and I had a 7‑iron, I tried to hit a hard 7‑iron because it was hurting a lot, but then it just died down and the ball just went straight through it and it was a very tough up‑and‑down from there.

Q. The second shot at the 11th, you were picking clubs, I saw you quickly change a club. What was the thought? And you ended up short there.
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: We were on the clock on the 11th hole, so I had taken some time to decide the yardage. I took a 5‑iron and then I took a 6‑iron and as I was about to hit, I just felt a gust of wind and it fell really short. But that is still just a par hole, it's not an easy hole and I was happy to make that up‑and‑down.

Q. A good birdie after that.
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: Good birdie on the 15th. 12, 14‑‑ 14 I got a little bit unlucky, the ball went up to the green and then came down and then I had a very tough putt from there, which I thought I hit good, both my putts were good, but the speed was wrong on the first one and a little bit firm on the second putt. But yeah, 15 was a good birdie. Just a bad shot on the 16th. That was not what I wanted today.

Q. It went too far or kind of didn't land where you anticipated?
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: It just went too far right. I tried to hit a hard 8‑iron and it just went on top of it and came off a bit and just ended up in a bad spot. It was a very tough up‑and‑down. I tried to hit a crazy shot after that and 2‑putted for bogey.

Q. You're right on the edge, let's see how the chips roll for the rest of the afternoon, of course we hope you do make the cut, but just talk to us about the Masters experience.
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: It has been fantastic. I think I'll be a few shots shy of the cut, but I thought I played pretty good, just didn't finish the way I wanted to yesterday. But this experience is invaluable. Just can't wait to get back every year after this and I'll do my best and I know I'll have to play my best to get here every year, but it has been a fantastic experience. The course has been in superb condition, the crowds have been great and it's just a pleasure to play in front of them.

Q. You go to Texas from here, so what's your expectations and how do you see yourself getting back to membership on the PGA TOUR?
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: I just have to play better than what I have been playing now. But I know I have it in me, I've been playing well this whole season. I played well on the European Tour, I had two wins, so I know that my best is in front of me. So I just have to get there and just a few things here and there and it will be good to get to Texas.

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