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April 6, 2018

Jim Courier

Sam Querrey

Nashville, Tennessee

S. QUERREY/R. Bemelmans

6-1, 7-6, 7-5

USA - 2, Belgium - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. If you can assess the performance but also the atmosphere out there.
SAM QUERREY: Yeah, the atmosphere was great. We were excited. A couple months ago we found out we were playing here. Seemed like it was almost sold out. The venue seems like a perfect size. The crowd was into it. Definitely a fun place to play.

Q. How nice is it to have a 2-0 lead going into the doubles?
CAPTAIN COURIER: It's certainly a big change from 1-1, there's no question about that. We've been 1-1 plenty of times, been 0-2 plenty of times, up 2-0 a few.

It certainly puts more pressure on the team that's down. It gives us a little more freedom for sure. But we also know that the job isn't done. We also have to close it out. The sooner the better. We'd certainly like to do that tomorrow.

Q. Sam, you were scoring a lot on your first serves. Anything other than that that allowed you to finish it out in straight sets?
SAM QUERREY: It's always nice going out there up 1-0. I was fortunate to get a break right out of the chute there. That freed me up. I felt like I hit my backhand great. Felt like I competed really well. I had a lot of opportunities where I had Love-30 looks, 15-30 looks, up a mini break in the third set tiebreaker that he got back. Still managed to get the set.

I felt I did a good job of keeping positive and staying in there.

Q. How nice was it finishing it off, avoiding a tiebreaker in the first set?
SAM QUERREY: That's always nice. Anything can happen in a tiebreaker. To be able to squeeze out that last break, I was definitely pretty happy.

Q. Jim, sitting on the sidelines there, both matches started out similarly, quick first sets. Were you aware of that as it was going on?
CAPTAIN COURIER: Very aware of that as it's going on, absolutely. You can feel when a match starts to tighten up. You can feel when the other team starts to match the level of our team, make it a contest after a very comfortable first set in both matches. Our guys came out playing brilliantly. Kind of overwhelmed their team.

As often in this sport, the other team finds a way to make a contest of it. There was some excellent tennis played on both sides of the net.

I'm really proud of John and Sam, the way they handled some stressful moments today. Even in Sam's straight-sets match, there are some stress points. He came through with flying colors.

If I'm not aware of it, I probably shouldn't be sitting on the sidelines.

Q. Up 2-0, what are the messages for the guys playing tomorrow?
CAPTAIN COURIER: Winning the match tomorrow was always going to be a focus no matter where we were on the scoreboard. It becomes a real opportunity for them to really put a stamp on the weekend for us. I know whoever we put out there tomorrow is going to be really excited about that.

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