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April 5, 2018

Charley Hoffman

Augusta, Georgia

Q. You're pretty familiar with this position early on Masters week, how are you going to translate that into success going all the way through?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know what, I wish I knew the answer to that or I would have done it a few years back. But I'm happy. As I say, you want to put yourself in position after the first round. You can't win the Tournament, I've proven that, after the first round and I just want to give myself a chance on Saturday and Sunday like I have in the past and I promise you I'll perform a little better this time around. I've learned a lot and I can't wait to get an opportunity and do it again.

Q. What kind of things do you feel like you have learned that you can apply to this year?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You can't force anything on this golf course and on Sundays I think I tried to force a little bit too much and it backfires way too fast. I'm a strategic player, when I get in position I can attack. When I'm out of position, you can't. So you can't force it when you get out of position. Unfortunately, on Sundays it seems like I haven't been able to put myself into position to attack and I try to force it and in turn you shoot mid 70's and you end up not very good. So I think I learned from my mistakes and that's all I can ask for and I hope I get the opportunity again.

Q. How do you make sure you don't get ahead of yourself?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Oh, I mean I think that I've played enough of these and been somewhere near the lead in the last few years that ‑‑ I've never been ahead of myself, I think I just, I've just pushed myself a little bit too much. No, I just got to sit out there and relax and have fun.

Q. What did you do today right?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I did everything pretty good. I hit it in play for the most part. The two balls that sort of caught trees off the tee I made bogeys, which around here a bogey's not going to kill you. And I played the par‑5s 3‑under and that's sort of where it all was at.

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