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April 5, 2018

Adam Scott

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Nice way to finish. It must give you a better taste in your mouth going into tomorrow.
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I think that's not the first time I struggled in the first round here, but there was lots of good stuff. And I paid the price on 9, 10 and 11. Then it was a battle. Then I was on the back foot all of a sudden for the last seven holes and fought my way in. But I would like to see more putts like I hit on 18 tomorrow on that front nine and if I can get back to even par, early into the back nine tomorrow, I'm back in the tournament.

Q. I think you shot 75 last year and then you were three shots off the lead going into the final round. Given your experience here you know that, despite the first round, you're never out of it.
ADAM SCOTT: No, if I have a good round tomorrow, which I think I'm more than capable off. I mean, I played really great the first eight holes and missed a couple chances on 7 and 8 and it's just so, it's hard sometimes because you make them and you're a couple under and things are feeling pretty good. The right things happen on the back, you shoot 2‑, 3‑, 4‑under par, you're really happy. But I missed and then I bogey 9 and bogey 10, double 11 and all of a sudden I have to be very careful with what I do the rest of the round to not completely blow out. So just that kind of golf course. Greens were firm, it was really important to be in the fairway.

Q. How tough is it not to get desperate in those situations, yet still maintain that positive mindset to finish strongly?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, well you can't get desperate, but you just have to tread carefully and you just grind really hard. And even though you do that, you still can find yourself in positions where it's very, very hard to make par. I hit a pretty good shot into 16 I thought and it just sits up on top and I don't even really get a good look at par, I could only putt it 15 feet by. It's just the precision you need around this course and especially when the greens are a bit firmer and I was just not quite on today on just a couple holes.

Q. What impressed you about your game today? What positives are you taking out of it?
ADAM SCOTT: I drove the ball pretty good, I thought, which I was happy with. I hit some nice shots, I hit two or three shots that ‑‑ but everyone did, even Rory, he shot 3‑ or 4‑under, he hit a couple shots that he probably wasn't too impressed with. But the difference was he putted really well and I just didn't make my putts from 10 feet today. So that hurts.

Q. So given you were so strong off the tee does it encourage you for these coming days, the fact that you can just tighten things up and create those opportunities to drain a few putts?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I need to. I mean, I need to be a bit sharper into the greens and take my chances because they don't just come up every hole. But like 7 and 8 today where I was in there seven feet for birdie, you got to make a couple of them, you got to get a bit of momentum going your way. I talked to everyone about it all year, I've just not made them. And I'm always playing off the back foot a little bit. So hopefully the experience of playing off the back foot helps the next three days.

Q. On the greens themselves, they seem to be lightning quick. Does it make you a little bit more timid out there or can you still play those true strokes?
ADAM SCOTT: I always struggle here when they get lightning quick with the uphillers, because you work so hard on that little soft stroke for the downhillers that I felt like 80 percent of my uphillers today I left short and it's a really big difference between the way you stroke the uphillers to the downhillers here more than anywhere else I've ever played. And I just didn't adjust well enough until the back nine, really, today on that. So hopefully better at that tomorrow and I'll be a bit more free uphill and give them a run.

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