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April 5, 2018

Shubhankar Sharma

Augusta, Georgia

Q. (No microphone.)
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: Yeah, it was not, to be honest, I didn't finish the way I wanted to, but it was great out there, the atmosphere and everything, it was fantastic. The back nine I was just making birdies and bogeys, until the 16th hole, and then 17th and 18th were bad, it was bad for me, but some good things to look to for tomorrow and I'll try and do my best.

Q. The putt on the 18th was not that bad. You're being very hard on yourself.
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: That third was good, but it was just that kind of a day. Probably save it for tomorrow and try and make more tomorrow.

Q. Do you think your putter kind of let you down today or was it the approach game?
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: Putter on the front nine and approach on the back nine, I would say. It was a mix of both. But yeah, like I said, I can still shoot a good round tomorrow and get back into it.

Q. Overall, just some thoughts on the course and what kind of things you take out of today to play tomorrow?
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: The course was great. I think it was good scoring conditions today. The pins were pretty decent and you had a good chance of attacking most of the pins on the course today. So, yeah, I think more of the same tomorrow and it wasn't too windy today, if it stays the same way tomorrow, it will be, I'll be able to shoot a good score and see a good round tomorrow.

Q. Did you often find yourself between clubs today?
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: Honestly, I did. On 16 I was between clubs, also 14 and 17. So the two places where I tried to hit a hard shot on my second on my approach shot there. So a few places where, again, I think that's part of the game, I just didn't execute it that good.

Q. Talk about the 16th.
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: 16 was again, yeah, I was trying to hit an easy 7, which I pulled and it was pin high but it was just too far left. I will still not be too hard on myself. I made bogey, I made a good bogey. But both 17 and 18 were hard.

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