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April 4, 2018

Jack Nicklaus

Augusta, Georgia

Q. To have your grandson on the bag, what was that like?
JACK NICKLAUS: Oh, it was neat. To have him be on the bag and be a part of what we're doing was a lot of fun. And then to have ‑‑ and I said to him about three days ago, I said, you sure you want to hit a ball on 9? He says, oh, yeah, I want to hit a ball. And I says, well, then I think you're going to make a hole‑in‑one this year. And that was three days ago I said this to him. And darn if he didn't knock it right in the hole. He's a nice player to start with, obviously. He's learning how to play golf and I think he's going to ‑‑ he learned pretty well today.

Q. The Masters Champions Dinner last night, you look at the list of everybody that was there, the faces, only one player in their 20s was there and it was Jordan Spieth.
JACK NICKLAUS: Is that right?

Q. Does that surprise you at all? What do you make of that?
JACK NICKLAUS: Well it does surprise me a little bit, although this golf course takes a little bit of learning. I learned it when I was young, Tiger learned it when he was young, Jordan has learned it. Not many players do. They usually, usually it gets around somewhere in their 30s that they really sort of mature enough to play this golf course. But I didn't realize that was the only one player in their 20s.

Q. Is there a point where the competitive juices started flowing today?
JACK NICKLAUS: Yeah, but Watson kept knocking the ball in the hole. I never won the par‑3. I said, oh‑‑ you know, I had really good putts at 7, 8 and 9. I had good chances at it. And I was 4‑under after 6. So I had a good shot at doing something. And after I went 4‑under, Watson holed a par putt on 6 to just to go 4‑under or stay 4‑under, and then he makes birdie at the next hole and then he makes birdie at the next hole. He was good. For the first eight holes he had six putts. When you do that, you're going to shoot some kind of score. He did great. So proud of him.

Q. How proud are you of your grandson?
JACK NICKLAUS: Oh, that's a horse of a different color. That's pretty special. Curtis asked me going by where that ranks, I said, that's No. 1. My wins, that's okay, but to have your grandson make a hole‑in‑one and watch him do it, man, that's amazing.

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