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April 4, 2018

Justin Thomas

Augusta, Georgia

Q. I got to hear the story about the kid. Did you know that kid and what was ‑‑
JUSTIN THOMAS: No, I came here when I was‑‑ the only time I ever came to the Masters I think I was 10 or something like that and I remember it was on a Wednesday and I saw a player, I don't think it's very common, I don't know if it is or not, but I remember a player asking a kid to come out and I was so jealous and I was like that would be the coolest thing ever to do. I kept looking around, but it's not very often you can get very close to the green. I tried to on 7 there, but I couldn't see any kids. And I asked two kids there but they both didn't want to. I asked them and they said no. And then I asked another kid and he said no, they were too scared. Or, no, I shouldn't say scared, but they were just shy. And Will was the kid's name and he didn't really want to go out either and his dad kind of forced him to. And I was like, buddy, if you don't want to go out there, I'll bring you right back, it's up to you. It was just cool he made the putt. It was a big roar.

Q. How long was that putt?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It wasn't that long. But he was so nervous and I was nervous for him, I wanted him to make it.

Q. Was he choking down on your putter?
JUSTIN THOMAS: A little bit, yeah, I think he was just getting it over with as fast as he could.

Q. Did he say how old he was?
JUSTIN THOMAS: No, no, he wasn't, he was having hard time forming words a little bit.

Q. The high‑fives he was giving coming back, did you see that?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I didn't, no. I knew he wanted to get out of there as fast as he could, I knew that.

Q. Making that putt gives him a little bit more confidence, I think.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, it would have been a bummer if he wouldn't have made it. But he did, so he's got a hopefully a memory for awhile.

Q. Fast forward to the big course. What's the one like the underrated toughest shot out on this course?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's different for everybody. 2 tee shot is tough for me, but that's not very hard for Bubba Watson.

Q. What holes are those that are your tee shots?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Well 2's hard‑‑ there's a lot of hard tees. 9's a hard tee shot. A lot of it is on the wind too. 2, if it's down off the right it's not as hard, but it's very, very wind dependent out here.

Q. Do you feel like your scoring average isn't indicative of how well you can play here?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I hope so. Because it's not very good here, but it's also been very, very difficult the last two years and I feel like a lot better player now, I'm more mature and I'm in a little bit better form. But the thing about golf, I don't know if I'm going to shoot 65 or 80 the next day. That's just how it goes.

Q. Everybody's anticipating this is like the greatest Masters ever. Are the players feeling that? Do you get that vibe among you guys?
JUSTIN THOMAS: There's definitely a lot of buzz. There's maybe the most potential stories. But in terms of an actual tournament you just don't know. Someone could win by five or six. But you don't know. There's definitely a lot of potential here for story lines.

Q. At the Champions Dinner they said, the photo on Twitter, only, Jordan Spieth is the only player in his 20s that was there. Does that surprise you at all?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Probably. But it's tough to win a tournament. It's tough to win a Major and it's really hard ‑‑ there's only one Masters every year, so no, it's not like it's something that's easy to come by, that's for sure.

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